Sunday at Immerse...

Saturday at Immerse...

Rosie, Melly, Erica, and I were really excited that so many ladies that came travelled so far to be with us at Immerse! We had ladies from Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, South Australia, New South Wales, and even from Western Australia! It was really fantastic to have Janelle (I'm sure many of you follow her in blogland) all the way from Perth in Western Australia:
IMG_2180_5094 ps blog 
She even came with one of her divine handbags that matched her outfit! (If you go to Janelle's site you can order your own - I am now the very proud owner of this handbag shown!):

IMG_2162_5078 ps blog 
Of course, Show and Tell is alway one the highlights of any retreat and I have to share some more with you. This was a really beautiful version of 'Down In The Garden' using Rosie's first range of fabric and 30's fabrics:

IMG_2126_5045 ps blog 
Vicki made this amazing quilt with all her Mum's grandchildren's drawings on it. Each grandchild made a drawing and Vicki embroidered over the drawing to make it permanent. There were lots of 'ohhhs and ahhhs' when this came out for Show and Tell'. The centre of the quilt has all their names on a Dresden Plate block:

IMG_2136_5055 ps blog 
Julie came with her beautiful version of Rosie's 'Bo-Peep' quilt:

IMG_2147_5064 ps blog 
Wendy's version of my 'Journey Of A Quilter' was so soft and pastel and inspiring:

IMG_2143_5062 ps blog 
So after a pleasant morning of stitching and chatting and morning tea and enjoying Show and Tell there was time for a glass of wine and some lunch:

IMG_2167_5081 ps blog 

IMG_2176_5090 ps blog 
Baby mushroom stuffed with brie and spring onions...mmmmm:

IMG_2177_5091 ps blog 
After lunch (and more yummy food at afternoon tea - how great was the panacotta!?!) there was time for chatting and stitching:

IMG_2172_5086 ps bliog 
And even wandering through the Spring gardens at Immerse:

IMG_2188_5102 ps blog 
I hope that those of you that joined us REALLY enjoyed our time together. I cannot think of anything better than spending a day with like minded women sitting and stitching...

Leanne Beasley xxx




Baby Food

I have to agree with your post. For those who want knowledge about this, Like me.


Hi Leanne

Meredith and I had a fantastic time, the whole weekend was just beautiful!! You all should be so proud of yourselves. Will start putting some pennies away incase you decide to do it again next year...

Back to reality now :o(

Take care,


Wow Leanne... you had some yummy food and wine... (How many did you have lol).

Love the projects.


Beth Blauser

thank you for your share of pictures they are just wonderful..


What beautiful show and tell, and the food looks so divine! Very excited to see the gorgeous Janellybelly on your blog too...I can't wait to catch up with her and see all the goodies you made at Immerse.


The show and tell would be so interesting and fun for you designers to see what others have done with your patterns. I love that wine photo!


Looks like a wonderful time! I'm envious.


Hi Leanne
I am so pleased you love your new bag, I just knew it wasn't meant to come home to Perth with me!
We 3 Sewing Sisters (& Kylie's Mum) had an amazing time at Immerse, thanks ever so much for all the hard work & attention to detail that went into this special day.
Love Janelle xx

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