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February 2014

New Leanne's House Website!

It's here - the new Leanne's House website! Here are a few sneak peeks for you:

IMG_7325_6879 blog

It's our new address and you're invited over to spend some time! It's really easy to find everything Leanne's House in the one location. For example if you're looking for something that's a product simply scroll over products and a drop down list of product categories will appear:

IMG_7326_6880 blog
Say you're looking for a bag: scroll down to Bags, click on Bags and all the bags appear:

IMG_7327_6881 blog
Scroll over the photo of each product and the title of the product appears. If it's a pattern it will also give you the pattern number and if it's a Vignette project it will let you know which issue of Vignette it's featured in:

IMG_7328_6882 blog
Looking for a stockist so you know where to purchase? Simply head to the Stockists listing and find the store for you. We have listed our favourite stores to send you to. These are the stores that stock Leanne's House products and are also willing to order something in for you (remember there's a lot to choose from and no one store can stock every single item).

IMG_7319_6876 blog
Leanne's House website is the place to for us to catch up and for you to sit with a cuppa (or maybe a nice wine!) and enjoy. The blog will be moving there and the links to other social media (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) that I particiapte in. If you too enjoy the odd bit of social media you can #leanneshouse to see your photos appear on our homepage! Just a bit of fun (and because part of stitching is enjoying what we are all working on together).

The website is also a bit of a photo journal too. You can enjoy past events and maybe even catch a glimpse of yourself:

IMG_7322_6877 blog

Naturally we expect a few things to not be 100% as we launch so if you find something please let us know so we can fix it at once!

Pleeeeeease bare with us as we move to the new link, we anticipate there may be a few computer nightmares here over the next 72 hours!!

See you there,

Leanne Beasley xxx


If you are a Leanne's House Stockist and your link isn't the one you'd like us to direct people to, please let us know. All stores listed MUST be a legitimate Leanne's House Stockist as we do not wish to direct people to stores that cannot help them.