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Real Life...

Wow! It's almost here! Vignette 11 is on it's way...

IMG_4415_5174 blog

It almost didn't happen BUT here it is about to be shipped! Thank you to each and everyone of you that took the time to email, facebook, send me a note, phone and so on. What I have learned is that each message is a reflection of the person who has written it.

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Each day I read every message; some encourage me, some make me cry and some I wonder if what I do really counts. Then that one message comes in, you know, the one that goes like this, "I wait for each issue of Vignette to arrive. When it does arrive I lock myself in the bathroom, jump in the bath (champagne and candles too) and have some 'me time' to look at the photos and dream of the projects I will one day complete." (promise not to tell who wrote this *wink*)

IMG_4387_5150 blog

This is what keeps me going. IMG_4436_5194 blog

I hope you really enjoy this issue (as I write in the cover for so many of you who take your precious time out to share time with me).

I have spent way too much time re-photographing and re-writing but I know you will appreciate it! As I think of 'you' in the bath I know you will love this issue.

Leanne Beasley xxx