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Happy Chinese New Year's Eve...

My family usually celebrates Chinese New Year, although none of us are Chinese, we do all love Asia and China and all the lovely celebrations surrounding the New Year. Naturally I am particularly excited this year as I will be venturing to China twice! The second trip I will be making is in October with a group of ladies, my annual 'big textile trip' - 'Experience China 2014'. Those of you joining me will have received one of these in the mail:

IMG_5520_6314 blog

When you unwrapped it, it looked like this:

IMG_5506_6305 blog

When you opened it, it looked like this:

IMG_5507_6306 blog

When you explored further it looked like this:

IMG_5508_6307 blog

When you figured out to screw the chopsticks together it looked like this:

IMG_5513_6308 blog

Should you bring them with you to China? Yes! Bring the set in your checked in luggage ready to use in Shanghai. You just may need your own small spoon and fork if you are not confident to use chopsticks. As for the chopsticks why not have a bit of a practise before we leave!

IMG_5515_6310 blog

Save the wrapping for your journal, scrapbook or memory box. I hope you read the wrapping - I added in some bits I had cut from the Lonely Planet magazine (old copy) about China, as well as some 'dining ettiquite'!

IMG_5519_6313 blog

Must head off now, out to New Year dinner celebrations including the Dragon Dance!

Leanne Beasley xxx