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Sunshine = Happiness = Photo Shoot Day!

Recently I was asked just how many photo shoots do I do? (Because I always seem to be buying flowers for them). Well, I had a bit of a count today for the next few issues of Vignette magazine. It seems that for Vignette issue 11 I did 15 shoots (plus step by steps when stitching etc) and here I am today on my 12th photo shoot for Vignette 13!

IMG_3478_3916 blog

I started adding up just how many photos I take (after the shocking deletes!) and there's between 600-1000 for each issue. Okay, I admit it, if I don't think a particular shot is right or good enough I just keep re-doing. The question I ask myself is,"If I was sitting with a champange in the bath reading this does this photo being me joy?/does it tell a story?/is the story positive?/if I'm in the sewing room does it really assist in making the project?...etc...."

IMG_3271_3726 blog

So these photos above did not make the cut for Vignette 13. I still love the colors, the light, the simple sunshine in the early morning. This one below I kinda played with because it was a 'reject'. I think I improved it:

IMG_3305_3758 use for blog 1500 copy
Feel free to paste and send and use as screensaver - whatever you like. I want everyone to be reminded as often as possible to live with a creative heart!

Leanne Beasley xxx



I hope it's ok... I just posted this photo on facebook, as tomorrow is a surgery day for me, and just thinking about it makes me think very positive thoughts! I just made block 1 of the Block of the Month (without embroidery so far!), and love it. I am enamoured with your designs. From one who is accustomed to creating "large," this is a true challenge for me! Thank you so much.


Thanks for always helping spread sunshine and happiness and sharing your creative heart freely with all :) keep up the great work


Well, despite being deleted from the mag, those photos still make me smile. I like the sound of laying in the bath with a champers too! Cheers. *clink*

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