New Leanne's House Website!

It's here - the new Leanne's House website! Here are a few sneak peeks for you:

IMG_7325_6879 blog

It's our new address and you're invited over to spend some time! It's really easy to find everything Leanne's House in the one location. For example if you're looking for something that's a product simply scroll over products and a drop down list of product categories will appear:

IMG_7326_6880 blog
Say you're looking for a bag: scroll down to Bags, click on Bags and all the bags appear:

IMG_7327_6881 blog
Scroll over the photo of each product and the title of the product appears. If it's a pattern it will also give you the pattern number and if it's a Vignette project it will let you know which issue of Vignette it's featured in:

IMG_7328_6882 blog
Looking for a stockist so you know where to purchase? Simply head to the Stockists listing and find the store for you. We have listed our favourite stores to send you to. These are the stores that stock Leanne's House products and are also willing to order something in for you (remember there's a lot to choose from and no one store can stock every single item).

IMG_7319_6876 blog
Leanne's House website is the place to for us to catch up and for you to sit with a cuppa (or maybe a nice wine!) and enjoy. The blog will be moving there and the links to other social media (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) that I particiapte in. If you too enjoy the odd bit of social media you can #leanneshouse to see your photos appear on our homepage! Just a bit of fun (and because part of stitching is enjoying what we are all working on together).

The website is also a bit of a photo journal too. You can enjoy past events and maybe even catch a glimpse of yourself:

IMG_7322_6877 blog

Naturally we expect a few things to not be 100% as we launch so if you find something please let us know so we can fix it at once!

Pleeeeeease bare with us as we move to the new link, we anticipate there may be a few computer nightmares here over the next 72 hours!!

See you there,

Leanne Beasley xxx


If you are a Leanne's House Stockist and your link isn't the one you'd like us to direct people to, please let us know. All stores listed MUST be a legitimate Leanne's House Stockist as we do not wish to direct people to stores that cannot help them.


Real Life...

Wow! It's almost here! Vignette 11 is on it's way...

IMG_4415_5174 blog

It almost didn't happen BUT here it is about to be shipped! Thank you to each and everyone of you that took the time to email, facebook, send me a note, phone and so on. What I have learned is that each message is a reflection of the person who has written it.

IMG_4398_5157 blog

Each day I read every message; some encourage me, some make me cry and some I wonder if what I do really counts. Then that one message comes in, you know, the one that goes like this, "I wait for each issue of Vignette to arrive. When it does arrive I lock myself in the bathroom, jump in the bath (champagne and candles too) and have some 'me time' to look at the photos and dream of the projects I will one day complete." (promise not to tell who wrote this *wink*)

IMG_4387_5150 blog

This is what keeps me going. IMG_4436_5194 blog

I hope you really enjoy this issue (as I write in the cover for so many of you who take your precious time out to share time with me).

I have spent way too much time re-photographing and re-writing but I know you will appreciate it! As I think of 'you' in the bath I know you will love this issue.

Leanne Beasley xxx


Happy Chinese New Year's Eve...

My family usually celebrates Chinese New Year, although none of us are Chinese, we do all love Asia and China and all the lovely celebrations surrounding the New Year. Naturally I am particularly excited this year as I will be venturing to China twice! The second trip I will be making is in October with a group of ladies, my annual 'big textile trip' - 'Experience China 2014'. Those of you joining me will have received one of these in the mail:

IMG_5520_6314 blog

When you unwrapped it, it looked like this:

IMG_5506_6305 blog

When you opened it, it looked like this:

IMG_5507_6306 blog

When you explored further it looked like this:

IMG_5508_6307 blog

When you figured out to screw the chopsticks together it looked like this:

IMG_5513_6308 blog

Should you bring them with you to China? Yes! Bring the set in your checked in luggage ready to use in Shanghai. You just may need your own small spoon and fork if you are not confident to use chopsticks. As for the chopsticks why not have a bit of a practise before we leave!

IMG_5515_6310 blog

Save the wrapping for your journal, scrapbook or memory box. I hope you read the wrapping - I added in some bits I had cut from the Lonely Planet magazine (old copy) about China, as well as some 'dining ettiquite'!

IMG_5519_6313 blog

Must head off now, out to New Year dinner celebrations including the Dragon Dance!

Leanne Beasley xxx


The Summer Gypsy Quilt...

You know that quilt that you stitch that you love as much when you finish as when you started? Well, this is it for me - The Summer Gypsy Quilt:

IMG_3867_3404 blog

It goes from pink to red to green to blue:

IMG_3846_3393 blog

There's only three triangles of stitchery to complete in the pattern, in Vignette Issue 11, but you could add more if you like or even only do one triangle of stitchery...

IMG_3874_3408 blog

I used my favourite Cosmo embroidery threads including a delicious varigated green - 8022:

IMG_3863_3401 blog

It's quite a big quilt (perfect to snuggle under on a cool summer's night) at 70" x 80". I used a combination of three fabric ranges:

1. Gypsy Girl by Lily Ashbury printed by Moda

2. Flower Sugar printed by Lecien


3. Candy Bloom by Rosalie Quinlan printed by Ella Blue:

IMG_5493_5596 blog

Candy Bloom would be perfect to do your entire quilt in, and you might like to add a little Flower sugar too:

IMG_5498_5599 blog
The pattern in Vignette Issue 11 also has step by step photos of all the stitchery stitches used:

IMG_0518_2220 blog

So you can follow along how I like to Back Stitch, Satin Stitch, French Knot, etc...

Come on Vignette 11 - we are waiting!!

Leanne Beasley xxx






Vignette 11 Is Coming Soon...

Oh I know - where is it??? It's coming - I promise!!! As soon as I have it here in my hot little hands I will let everyone know - at once! Here are a few little sneak peeks from one of my favourite issues yet. There's Block Two of Mrs. Beasley's Sampler Quilt:

IMG_4398_5157 blog

Block Two would look great just framed on it's own. I am completely addicted to butterflies (as you know) but am even more inspired by them after recent events both in my own garden and also after visiting Queen Lili'ukolani's quilt at the Iolani Palace in Hawaii. That quilt has inspired me beyond belief, but more about that soon:

IMG_4444_5202 blog

There's plenty to keep you busy in this block:

IMG_4415_5174 blog
There's a bit of applique for you once again:

IMG_4387_5150 blog

Maybe you'd like to try a different quilt too? Next blog post I'll tell you about The Summer Gypsy Quilt...

Until then,

Leanne Beasley xxx


Experience China 2014 - SOLD OUT!!

Just a quick note to let you know we are completely SOLD OUT now!

IMG_4448_5120 blog

Annette Dal Sasso from Hawthorn Travel and Cruise and I are just so thrilled at the response that we have had to this very exciting textile trip into the Mysterious East!!

Now, before any more of you ask, we are working on 2015! Some of you out there have asked what's next because Experience China 2014 is full.

Stay tuned...

Leanne Beasley xxx

Stitch Zakka by C&T Publishing...

Have you been looking for the Stitch Zakka book? If you'd like to see the front cover or order one, you can get one at your local patchwork store or from Amazon:

IMG_2991_4186 blog

I was so thrilled to be asked to be a part of this book and contribute one of the (more than 20) projects:

IMG_3069_4248 blog

Naturally, I can never just make one small stitching project so I included three pincushions for you. They could also be used as coasters, mug rugs, or a doily:

IMG_3024_4210 blog

Even though there was a professional photographer on the case I couldn't help myself and had to do my own little photoshoot! I thought this photo below might help you if you are still a little unsure of how to add RicRac to a project. It gives you some details of exactly where I like to place mine:

IMG_2985_4182 blog

Another fun project for me to share with all of you. There are lots of great Designers in the book including many of your Australian favourites!

IMG_3066_4245 blog

Live with a creative heart,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Sunshine = Happiness = Photo Shoot Day!

Recently I was asked just how many photo shoots do I do? (Because I always seem to be buying flowers for them). Well, I had a bit of a count today for the next few issues of Vignette magazine. It seems that for Vignette issue 11 I did 15 shoots (plus step by steps when stitching etc) and here I am today on my 12th photo shoot for Vignette 13!

IMG_3478_3916 blog

I started adding up just how many photos I take (after the shocking deletes!) and there's between 600-1000 for each issue. Okay, I admit it, if I don't think a particular shot is right or good enough I just keep re-doing. The question I ask myself is,"If I was sitting with a champange in the bath reading this does this photo being me joy?/does it tell a story?/is the story positive?/if I'm in the sewing room does it really assist in making the project?...etc...."

IMG_3271_3726 blog

So these photos above did not make the cut for Vignette 13. I still love the colors, the light, the simple sunshine in the early morning. This one below I kinda played with because it was a 'reject'. I think I improved it:

IMG_3305_3758 use for blog 1500 copy
Feel free to paste and send and use as screensaver - whatever you like. I want everyone to be reminded as often as possible to live with a creative heart!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Leanne's House by Leanne Beasley...(a long post)

I have met and worked with some fantastic people on my journey over the last thirteen years of Leanne's House and continue to do so. A few months ago, while updating this blog and making plans for making it better for you, a wise woman suggested that I think about what Leanne's House is. What my philosophy is behind what I do. I spouted off the answer in a matter of seconds. Then (isn't it funny how things happen) I received a lovely email from a reader of Vignette magazine letting me know how much each issue meant to her and how she loved my philosophy behind Leanne's House; how my words about taking time out for yourself had literally changed her life for the better.

IMG_3515_3647 blog

Well, wouldn't you think an email like that would make me happy beyond belief? Initially it did. But then her words started to enter my thoughts every time I said no to family, everytime I was working in the office and the clock said 3am, everytime I was ill because I was simply exhausted. Simply, I felt like a hypocrite. So I have realised it's time for some changes for me (I will get to that).

IMG_3539_3666 blog

Before I even launched Leanne's House my background in marketing and sales mangement had me writing out plans and objectives and mission statements. Really though it was pretty simple. I just wanted to show other women that with even a small amount of time each day they could take time for themselves and in doing that have so much more to offer others around them. Leanne's House patterns (as it began) would give women an avenue to do that. To sit, stitch, share a recipe or a garden tip and have a cuppa 'with me'.

IMG_3529_3658 blog

As time has gone on and we now have the gift of the internet and social media I have even more ways of communicating with you. Looking back at my very first blog post (October 2006) I signed off with "May your heart make you grateful for the simple things." This has been the core of my heart for a very long time, appreciating the simple things and the everyday. This is the essence of Leanne's House.

IMG_3506_3646 blog

I dreamt of having a magazine for a long time. Then a few years ago I took the plunge and dove in head first. It has been so exciting for me to bring a quarterly publication to you, essentially sharing the philosophy of Leanne's House. Vignette has also meant that I have been able to share all of my loves and passions with you: Stitchery, patchwork, quilting, letting you know about other Designers and patchwork stores, cooking, journalling, gardening, creating a cosy home, travel and of course photography!

IMG_3530_3659 blog

As always in life, when we don't learn the lessons we are meant to the universe keeps giving us the same lesson until we learn it. I have had a lot of that recently! Culminating in my doctor letting me know that if I didn't slow down and get rid of all the stress I had I simply would have to walk away from Leanne's House. I tried to explain that what I do isn't simply my business; it's about making other women's lives better, happier. She didn't really understand until one of the ladies who reads Vignette and has joined me on many Leanne's House Events visited her as a patient as well and talked about what it meant to her. On my next doctor's visit we sat down and made some plans for moving forward, hence this (somewhat long) blog post.

IMG_3559_3680 blog

So girls, I did not take the option of closing Leanne's House but rather am feeling very excited about some, shall we say, 'rennovating'.

What does that mean for you? It means that I will be going back to the core of Leanne's House and sharing with you the things that make my heart sing. I am taking a break next year from trying to spread myself all over the countryside and wear myself to the bone. Instead I will be here, sharing all my passions on the blog, writing Vignette for you (my greatest love)(also attempting to get one issue ahead so no technical difficulties will delay it getting to you on time) and creating new projects to stitch along with you. I also have some new ideas that I have been working on the past few months and need to put love and time into these to make something special for you.

What does it mean for me? Maybe taking weekends to spend more time in my garden, take more time with my precious family and friends and live and practise what I am always preaching!

Many of you have also joined in one or some of the Leanne's House Events over the years and of course I will continue to indulge you in my favourites. I am thrilled that so many of you have already booked into my great travel and stitching adventure to China and that so many of you are eager to join me at the stitching events I love to hold at The Novotel in Glen Waverley.

I hope I haven't bored you to death with such a long post but I just wanted to share a little of my heart on this Sunday afternoon. I also hope that you will continue to be patient with me as I endeavour to get Vignette Issue 11 out as soon as possible for you to enjoy.

May your heart make you grateful for the simple things,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you love Facebook you can visit me there too at: Leanne's House.