The Summer Gypsy Quilt...

You know that quilt that you stitch that you love as much when you finish as when you started? Well, this is it for me - The Summer Gypsy Quilt:

IMG_3867_3404 blog

It goes from pink to red to green to blue:

IMG_3846_3393 blog

There's only three triangles of stitchery to complete in the pattern, in Vignette Issue 11, but you could add more if you like or even only do one triangle of stitchery...

IMG_3874_3408 blog

I used my favourite Cosmo embroidery threads including a delicious varigated green - 8022:

IMG_3863_3401 blog

It's quite a big quilt (perfect to snuggle under on a cool summer's night) at 70" x 80". I used a combination of three fabric ranges:

1. Gypsy Girl by Lily Ashbury printed by Moda

2. Flower Sugar printed by Lecien


3. Candy Bloom by Rosalie Quinlan printed by Ella Blue:

IMG_5493_5596 blog

Candy Bloom would be perfect to do your entire quilt in, and you might like to add a little Flower sugar too:

IMG_5498_5599 blog
The pattern in Vignette Issue 11 also has step by step photos of all the stitchery stitches used:

IMG_0518_2220 blog

So you can follow along how I like to Back Stitch, Satin Stitch, French Knot, etc...

Come on Vignette 11 - we are waiting!!

Leanne Beasley xxx






Vignette 11 Is Coming Soon...

Oh I know - where is it??? It's coming - I promise!!! As soon as I have it here in my hot little hands I will let everyone know - at once! Here are a few little sneak peeks from one of my favourite issues yet. There's Block Two of Mrs. Beasley's Sampler Quilt:

IMG_4398_5157 blog

Block Two would look great just framed on it's own. I am completely addicted to butterflies (as you know) but am even more inspired by them after recent events both in my own garden and also after visiting Queen Lili'ukolani's quilt at the Iolani Palace in Hawaii. That quilt has inspired me beyond belief, but more about that soon:

IMG_4444_5202 blog

There's plenty to keep you busy in this block:

IMG_4415_5174 blog
There's a bit of applique for you once again:

IMG_4387_5150 blog

Maybe you'd like to try a different quilt too? Next blog post I'll tell you about The Summer Gypsy Quilt...

Until then,

Leanne Beasley xxx


Vignette Issue 11 Update

Coming Soon:

Vignette Issue 11 cover for blog

Vignette Issue 11 is coming soon. I know how eager so many of you are to get your hands on it.

As some of you know we have had lots of technical issues amongst other things with Issue 11. Before you ask about the different cover to the one advertised previously, I had to re-shoot it just last Friday! (A HUGE HUGE thank you to the graphic artist who managed to get the cover re-done even during school holidays!) I have also had to entirely re-do some of the articles due to unusable photos like 'Digging in the Garden'. There are still more photos to re-shoot and 'step-by-steps' to re-do then rephotograph.

I didn't want to compromise on quality so I made the decision to re-do! Of course I wish all this had not happened and you could all be just about finished Block Two of Mrs. Beasley's Sampler, but that's life. Running a one woman magazine is probably crazy but I love creating something that brings those of you out there so much pleasure.

Thanks so much to those of you who have sent me photos of your Block One of Mrs. Beasley's Sampler. I love seeing what you have been up to and how you have enjoyed the magazine. My favourite 'different' version is the soft and pretty '3 Sisters' version that Kerry is doing. I have photos and will share them with you - I am sure you will be inspired. If you have done your Mrs. Beasley's using alternative fabrics I would love to see it! You can always email me at [email protected] .

As soon as I have a new exact date for Vignette 11 I will of course let you know right here and also via newsletter if you have joined up for that (top right on this very site to join up!).

Live with a Creative Heart,

Leanne Beasley x


Vignette Issue 11

I have so much for you in Vignette Issue 11 I cannot wait to share it with you all. One of my favourite projects is the 'Summer Gypsy' Quilt. Not only is there full instruction to complete the quilt but I cover, in detail, my most used embroidery stitches.

IMG_0515_2217 blog
As above, there are French Knots and as below, a few of my own invented stitches that I often get asked about:

IMG_0536_2233 blog

Such as Back Stitch filled in with Back Stitch. This is a favourite of mine and I use it in a lot of my patterns. I love to recommend this one for the girls that don't enjoy Satin Stitch!

IMG_0511_2213 blog

I also cover my Double Back Stitch, Satin Stitch, Normal Back Stitch plus a few other hints and tips on stitchery.

IMG_0345_1543 blog

This is one of my all time favourite quilts and I hope you enjoy the three blocks of stitchery featured in the quilt (as pictured above). It's bright and happy and has a story to go with the quilt. As the Hawaiian Quilters say, "A quilt cannot help but tell the stitcher's story."

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx