Make It Like Mine!

If you'd like to stitch up 'A Few of my Favourite Things - Sewing Roll' or a 'Sew Laugh Love' stitchery it's now easier than ever:

IMG_0863_2450 blog

Both of these projects are now available in two ways:

1. As a pattern only, so you can select your own stitchery fabric and thread colours, or

2. As a pattern and companion kit, which includes pre-printed hanky linen (as pictured above) and the full set of Cosmo embroidery threads required to complete the project.

IMG_7467_0350 blog

Pictured above is 'A Few of my Favourite Things - Sewing Roll' and pictured below is 'Sew Laugh Love':

IMG_3888_6577 blog
'Sew Laugh Love' is one of my all time favourite projects and you'll love the pattern as it also contains a full colour stitchery guide - another way to make your project more like my original if you desire:

IMG_3875_6566 blog
The screen printed hanky linen means you can start stitching the minute you open the parcel:

 IMG_4666_7696 blog
If you haven't tried the fantastic Cosmo threads it's a great way to try them out and start building up your very own collection:

IMG_4661_7693 blog

If your local store, or online store, doesn't have them in stock and you'd like them to order in for you, here are the codes:

L102 - Pattern Only - 'A Few of my Favourite Things - Sewing Roll'

L102K - Pattern and Companion Kit - 'A Few of My Favourite Things - Sewing Roll'

L105 - Pattern Only - 'Sew Laugh Love'

L105K - Pattern and Companion Kit - 'Sew Laugh Love'

Happy Stitching!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are a store and you have them in stock, please feel free to leave your details below in a comment!


Sew Laugh Love...

Is almost ready to hit the stores:

IMG_3888_6577 blog

'Sew Laugh Love' will be sold as a kit. The kit will include the pattern (just like you're used to from me), screen printed stitchery hanky linen panel, and a divine bundle of Cosmo threads - exactly as you see here:

 IMG_3900_6589 blog

So when you order the kit you can then choose your own buttons and your own border/applique fabric to suit you (or the store you purchase it from may include these items). You could make it look like my fun original one (I used 'Sugar Collection' by 'Art Gallery Fabrics'):

IMG_3385_6002 blog 

Or like my delicious version that I finished today using the new 'Rosalie Quinlan Designs' 'Folk Heart' range by Lecien (fabrics in store in Australia in the next few weeks!!):

IMG_3887_6576 blog 

I will keep you updated and let you know exactly when the kits are available, and ask my retailers to add a comment to the blog, so that you will know where you can purchase it, and who will be doing what with the kits! As you can see the fabric you choose will make your version very individual. Stay tuned!

IMG_3889_6578 blog 

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you'd like to enjoy some really delicious photos of the new 'Folk Heart' range by Rosalie, and also 'Woodland' by Natalie Lymer, head over to one of my favourite blogs here!