Proper Prior Preparation...

Prevents Poor Performance! In a past life (as a corporate Sales Manager - MANY years ago) I used to remind my Sales Reps of this constantly! Well, I have taken a bit of my own advice this week and been PLANNING and PREPARING! Yesterday found me up to my car boot in fabric purchases for 'Urban Stitches' and 'Imagine...Vietnam' with Rosie, Melly and Erica:

 IMG_3092_5739 blog
Don't think this wasn't fun - it was!! An entire morning shopping for delicious fabric combinations and then we had to squeeze in a quick(ish) lunch (Vietnamese of course!) in Victoria Street, Richmond:

IMG_3110_5731 blog 
Fun preparation: Thirty envelopes, for each of you wonderful ladies that are joining us on 'Imagine...Vietnam', left the studio today too (look in your mail box early next week):

 IMG_3106_5728 blog

Of course the envelopes are full of information, but also a little bit of fun too! Hope each of you enjoys the surprise inside! And don't forget, Issue 4 of Vignette is about to come out, so if you don't have a subscription with your local patchwork store, now might be the time to get one! Vignette is in its third reprint (how exciting!) and this means that if you have missed any previous issues you can now contact your local store and get back issues:

IMG_2378_5166 blog 
Next blog entry I will give you a sneak peek of my project for 'Urban Stitches'! There are still a few spots left on the Sunday (and we might be able to squeeze in a few more on the Saturday) if you haven't booked but would like to.

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are one of my retailers PLEASE leave a comment with a link so readers can order Vignette online with you!!!


Planning...Planning... Planning...

Planning is one of my favourite things to do, and this week has been full of planning! Rosie, Melly and I have been having a ball planning more things for Urban Stitches, coming up in only 5 weeks! Yesterday found us picking some of the items for the projects, including the Cosmo threads that everyone will receive:

IMG_2956_5603 blog 
There are still some places available, so if you are interested, click on the button on the right hand side of this blog for full details. We would love to see you there!

The three of us have also been planning some of the final details for the trip that Melly and I will be hosting to Vietnam. It was very exciting to see all the passports head off to be filled with Visas for the trip this week.

IMG_9343_2721 blog

And for anyone wondering, Rosie's projects will still be included in the trip! She has some lovely and unique projects so you will not be missing out. We have also added in a few extras to the trip to compensate for Rosie not being there in person. I'd love to tell you what they are but I am sworn to secrecy until we have confirmation of all the extra details! Ohhh, lots of fun!!!

Technically the trip is full, but the resort now has some additional rooms available if we'd like to add more ladies. There are a few double rooms that they have offered us and also some single rooms (additional cost for single room); so if you are interested please contact Annette (travel agent extraordinaire!) on 0411-193-805, [email protected] , or in the office on 03 9676-2777.

Hope you are one of the ladies joining us for adventures over the next few months!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Coming Soon...

Could it be possible? Mother Nature is planning Spring?

IMG_2554_5299 blog 
It sure doesn't feel like it with frosty Winter mornings and fog all day today. Perfect weather for stitching though!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. 37 days until Spring here!

Stitching Stitching Stitching...

Like many of you out there, I have been enjoying myself with lots of stitching on my Vignette In Stitches Quilt:

IMG_2510_5217 blog 
I am really enjoying late nights full of stitching. There's something nice about being up late working away when everyone else is tucked up sleeping and you have the house to yourself (and the t.v.!) and your stitching:

IMG_2529_5202 blog 
I have received quite a few emails regarding piecing your blocks together and then tracing the stitchery on (as per how I have written the pattern in Vignette) or if it's okay to trace first and then piece and stitch, or trace and stitch and then piece. Let me say that any which way that suits you, and you are comfortable with, is completely okay.

IMG_2481_5267 blog

In the above photo you can see I have pieced a few of the small pieces of fabric and then, using the seam (on the right in the photo) and the 1/4" seam lines on the paper as a guide, traced on the stitchery design. I also do this on most small pieces:

IMG_2491_5277 blog 
Then, once I have these all done and the block totally pieced together, I trace on the long floral border. The reason for this is so that I can be really accurate with my tracing. Of course I use a permanent pen for tracing, which leaves me no room for error or adjustment. If you use an erasable pen (of whatever description) you can be a lot more flexible.

IMG_6333_9132 blog 
The reason that I advise against tracing and stitching before cutting and piecing, is only for accuracy of where the stitchery ends up. So if you are really confident I think it's okay to do the stitchery and then piece, but personally, I'm never that confident. What can happen is this:

IMG_1373_4320 blog 
Something like the butterfly wing (top right) gets caught up in the seam. Now don't worry if this does happen because I can assure you that with as much stitchery as is in this quilt no-one will ever notice something like this but you!

I hope this helps answer a few questions out there; and please remember that you can always use any technique you like that you enjoy, my patterns are a guide and a starting point for your own creations!


Leanne Beasley xxx

I'm Back!!!

Woo Hoo! After HUGE problems with my computer last week (virus!) and Melly helping me restore everything (what would I do without her?) I still couldn't manage a post. Well, after spending hours and hours trying to work out what I'd done, a five minute email to Typepad solved all my problems. They responded so quickly and I am now back on deck!!!:

IMG_7880_1751 blog 
A 'real' post will follow shortly!!!

Leanne Beasley xxx


Kind of Distracted....

I have a big notice board in my studio divided into days of the week. Sunday night I plan my week ahead and then attempt to stick to each day's plan. Today I got distracted. Good distracted. Playing with designs for our Vietnam trip! I find with design you just have to put everything else aside when the inspiration hits!

IMG_2362_5156 blog 
And for those of you who asked if I could do a travel journal with you, let me just say, "Look what arrived."

IMG_2372_5163 blog 

I hope those of you booked in are just as excited as I am about our upcoming trip. It's going to be great to have so much time to work on our projects and have lots of time together to stitch and cut and paste and do whichever projects you select to do. We will be working at whatever pace you like, so if you want to achieve lots of projects you can , or if you simply want to sit by the pool and do a few stitches you can.

IMG_2370_5161 blog 
So get your passports ready as we have been very busy inventing those cocktails and mockatils for you! There's been things flying around our kitchens like vodka, ginger, fresh lemongrass, lime juice, mint, etc.... We have some great combinations so if any of you have ideas for names for our inventions that would be appreciated!

IMG_2369_5160 blog 

We still have a couple of twin share and single rooms left so if you would like to join us in October, or for further details, simply click on the button on the right hand column for all the information. You will find pricing and all other booking details on the last few pages of the itinerary. There is still time to do the payment plan if you like.

Leanne Beasley xxx


Urban Stitches

Melly, Rosalie and I are so pleased to be able to finally announce the details of our new look retreat, run in partnership with Under The Mulberry Tree for Spring 2011!

Urban stitches button
We have listened to your feedback and decided to make this year's retreat so much more accessible for those of you that are traveling from country VIC, interstate and overseas.  The Novotel is perfectly located close to the train station in Glen Waverley, with great value accommodation packages and is located right on the doorstep of great dining, entertainment and shopping.

Registrations are now open for Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of September 2011, so please click on the "Urban Stitches" link in the right side bar for a copy of the flyer and registration form. Registrations can also be made online here to secure your spot immediately!

We hope you will join us for an amazing day of stitching, to two!!


Vignette at Foothills Fabric and Threads...

Each time a new issue of Vignette comes out we have a gathering at 'Foothills Fabric and Threads'. It's a great chance for the ladies to visit the shop, pick up the latest issue, see what's new in store, enjoy some stitching stories and show and tell, and to enjoy each other's company for the day:

IMG_1385_4332 blog

Christine is the hexagon queen (her hubby is the hexagon king for fussy cutting). She spent lots of time whipping up some amazing hexagon flowers for her version of 'The Hexagon Quilt' (issue 2 & 3 of Vignette). We all oooohhheed and aaaahhhhed over her magoos:

IMG_1384_4331 blog 

There were some amazing versions of the 'Vignette in Stitches' quilt that are being made. I adore this colourway by Dee:

IMG_1372_4319 blog 
And this one by Di. You may notice that Di has altered the border, replacing the Shoo Fly blocks in my version with strips of delicious fabrics instead. This is such a bright and happy version with inspiring fabrics and embroidery threads too:

IMG_1377_4324 blog 
There was an 'eat and keep stitching break' for lunch! Sandra (one of the store owners) made the Chicken Soup from the issue and it was delicious!:

IMG_1386_4333 blog 
We also got to have a peek at Sandra's version of my 'Down In The Garden' Block of the Month quilt:

IMG_1394_4341 blog 
Sandra decided not to put in the words that I had in the centre of the quilt, but to hand quilt instead, cross hatching. I love it:

IMG_1408_4354 blog 
There was lots of show and tell, including Karen's - 'Precious Things', one of my patterns:

IMG_1380_4327 blog 
We just had a great day together but, as usual, it seemed to go too quickly:

IMG_1383_4330 blog 
Can't wait for next time!

Leanne Beasley xxx



Urban Stitches Melbourne...

I am so excited to be able to announce something new and exciting from Leanne's House, Rosalie Quinlan Designs, and Melly and Me, and Under The Mulberry Tree: Urban Stitches Melbourne!!!!!:

IMG_0500_4212 blog 
Urban Stitches Melbourne will be held on Saturday the 17th of Septmeber 2011 and on Sunday the 18th of September, at The Novotel Melbourne Glen Waverley. Each day is an individual retreat in itself, or for those of you travelling (or simply wanting to spoil yourself) you may like to come for two days:

IMG_6511_1948 blog 
The Novotel have put together some fantastic accommodation packages. You can choose from a one night package OR a two night package, at a very special price, if you require accommodation (or if you require some girly indulgence!):

IMG_3342_6783 ps perri 
We have carefully selected this venue (after months of looking!!!!) for a number of reasons, including the possiblities for you. It is easily accessible from the airport if you wish to fly in, it is located right amongst one of best shopping and entertainment areas, and it is also in walking distance from the train station. So you could stay for the weekend and have a day of stitching and indulgence as well as enjoying the cinemas, restaurants, and great shopping, all in walking distance!

IMG_0513_4224 blog 
We have also been able to keep our pricing at last year's prices for you. To attend one day will be $180.00 over 3 installents, or $170.00 if you pay in full on booking. This price is for the retreat only (including all our usual goodies: fully kitted projects, tea and coffee on arrival, morning and afternoon teas, a delicious gourmet lunch in the restaurant which will be closed to the public, and all tution) and we will be notifying you of accommodation packages available when you register:

IMG_4449_0255 blog 
Bookings will open on the 1st of July 2011 at 9am through 'Under The Mulberry Tree'. The reason we are doing it this way is so that everyone is given a fair opportunity with bookings. If you are not on the mailing list (or not sure if you are) please register your details by emailing [email protected] . Simply give your name, email address, and snail mail address. We are attempting to contact most of you via email, as this is so instant, and means less of a chance of missing out on a spot. If your only way of being contacted is via snail mail please state so.

Erica, Rosie, Melly and I, are just so excited about this event and hope to see you there.

Leanne Beasley xxx