Only Ten More Sleeps...

Until Vietnam girls! To those of you ladies joining us on our trip to Vietnam we officially have 10 sleeps left! If you are one of the ladies starting your journey from an airport other than Melbourne you have a 'Plane Pack' on its way to you (registered mail):

IMG_4354_6681 blog

You can either have a sneek peek before the airport (please don't give away the surprise though!) or keep your parcel until you get to the airport!

Woo Hoo!

Leanne Beasley


Sew Laugh Love...

Is almost ready to hit the stores:

IMG_3888_6577 blog

'Sew Laugh Love' will be sold as a kit. The kit will include the pattern (just like you're used to from me), screen printed stitchery hanky linen panel, and a divine bundle of Cosmo threads - exactly as you see here:

 IMG_3900_6589 blog

So when you order the kit you can then choose your own buttons and your own border/applique fabric to suit you (or the store you purchase it from may include these items). You could make it look like my fun original one (I used 'Sugar Collection' by 'Art Gallery Fabrics'):

IMG_3385_6002 blog 

Or like my delicious version that I finished today using the new 'Rosalie Quinlan Designs' 'Folk Heart' range by Lecien (fabrics in store in Australia in the next few weeks!!):

IMG_3887_6576 blog 

I will keep you updated and let you know exactly when the kits are available, and ask my retailers to add a comment to the blog, so that you will know where you can purchase it, and who will be doing what with the kits! As you can see the fabric you choose will make your version very individual. Stay tuned!

IMG_3889_6578 blog 

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you'd like to enjoy some really delicious photos of the new 'Folk Heart' range by Rosalie, and also 'Woodland' by Natalie Lymer, head over to one of my favourite blogs here!



25 Sleeps to Go!

Can you hear me woo hooing in the background? For those of us girls headed to Vietnam there are only 25 sleeps until we leave so it's time to get really excited!!

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P1525 blog 
The Plane Packs are kitted up and ready:

IMG_3794_6531 blog size 

For those of you beginning your journey from an airport other than Melbourne, your Plane Pack will arrive in the mail a week or so before you leave, as we want each of you to feel special, and enjoy every part of your trip, until we meet each other as a group at Ho Chi Minh airport:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2328 blog 

All of us will also be receiving a Documents Pack in the next week from Annette at Port Travel; this will arrive registered mail. This has all our final travel documents and our day by day itinerary for our adventure!

 April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2267 blog

I know many of you out there have also been asking if there will be a trip for 2012 and yes there will! We are putting together a package at the moment and will have more details for you on our return from Vietnam ( hint: I hear the ukulele playing and I see girls doing the hula and some unique and traditional applique!).

I really cannot keep a secret!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Above photos:

1. One of the ladies from the Embroidery house we will be visiting (at least once, it's in walking distance from the resort!).

2. Sneek peek of your Plane Pack kit.

3. The famous blue fishing boats of Nha Trang.

4. Hats in one of the markets at Nha Trang (I can't remember which market I took this photo in!!).

Happiness Is...Quilting

Yes it is! Don't you love the name of this store?! Laura from 'Happiness Is...Quilting'  in the USA (beautiful Texas!) is one of the only stores left with kits for the Vignette In Stitches Mystery Quilt in the world!

IMG_6336_9135 blog size 

I seem to get emails everyday from ladies still searching for the beautiful 'Sweet Broderie' fabric by Rosalie Quinlan Designs (printed by Lecien) and particularly, where they can sign up to do the quilt as a kit.

IMG_6323_9122 blog size 

Try Laura's store, I regularly get feedback about her great service. She also stocks all the issues of Vignette, including back issues.

IMG_6339_9138 perri 

If you are not in the USA and still need fabrics there are a few stores with some left: Under The Mulberry Tree and Patchwork With Gail B have most of the fabrics you will need, including the Lecien Basics kit, the hanky linen, and also the divine red spot fabric (now available once again in Australia!)

IMG_8741_2396 blog 

Good luck girls! Seems like the hunt is on for those of you desperate for fabric!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Urban Stitches Melbourne 2011...

Hi everyone! Wish I'd had time to blog earlier but things have been wonderfully busy as usual (okay, I squeezed in a trip to the new IKEA Springvale as well!). Urban Stitches was fantastic and a great time was had by all:

IMG_3548_6387 leanne blog 

Rosie, Melly, and I had so much fun with everyone I hardly took time to take photos! We held both of the one day workshops (although we got to enjoy the company of quite a few ladies who joined us for two days!!) at the Novotel in Glen Waverley, Melbourne:

IMG_3698_6341 leanne blog 

Melly, Myself, and Rosie (left to right, below) enjoyed teaching our projects over the weekend and we really hope those of you that joined us enjoyed creating them as much as we did. I'd love to insert a photo here of our three projects but I forgot to take one!!!

IMG_3512_6351 leanne blog 

We always feel that delicious food (and good coffee!) are an important part of the day and we certainly enjoyed that at the Novotel. With a full buffet lunch (and an amazing dessert buffet as well) I am sure we all gained a few extra kilos!

IMG_3638_6283 blog leanne 
Too delicious:

IMG_3561_6400 blog leanne 

Under The Mulberry Tree brought along the FULL collection of Cosmo embroidery thread including all the seasons varigated range (promise I won't tell who purchased the entire range with her pocket money!):

IMG_3524_6363 leanne blog 

Some stitching did get done too!:

IMG_3610_6449 leanne blog 

Above all, there was lots of friendship, laughter, catching up, telling of stories, amazing show and tell, and just pure relaxation and indulgence!

The three of us hope you had a ball!!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Many of you have been asking about my project (sneak peeks on earlier blog entries). I have decided now to release it as a kit which will include the screen printed hanky linen (as above), pattern, and all the delicious Cosmo threads. Give me a little time to get it organised and I will let you know here on the blog when it's available.

If you simply cannot wait we actually made extra goody bags for Urban stitches and you can purchase those from Under The Mulberry Tree. They include all of the kits (mine, plus Rosie and Melly's, and all the Parlan, Weaveline, threads, gifts etc). My kit from the giftbag also includes the buttons and border fabrics in the project. There are only a few of these left so you will need to be quick!

IMG_3503_6454 leanne blog 

Back soon!



Creative Abundance (my Distributor) has been doing screen printing for a little while now; but today my first screen got printed (small squeal of excitement in background):

IMG_3484_6094 blog 
Those of you coming to Urban Stitches this weekend will get these in your kits (with all the threads, Parlan, buttons, border and applique fabrics, and pattern; and just wait to see what Rosie and Melly have planned for you!

So, it was actually fun watching paint dry today:

IMG_3485_6095 blog 

Thankyou Rosie and Jacques for all your hard work:

IMG_3490_6100 blog 

It's a very interesting and exciting process and great fun to watch!!!

Leanne Beasley xxx



More Excitement and Counting Down...

I do have trouble containing my excitement, and today was no different! When I popped my head in the office (of my Distributor, Creative Abundance - a homely hub for all us Creative Abundance Designers) I literally screamed with excitement - Rosalie's fabric had arrived!!!!

IMG_3461_6071 blog 

Lucky that I had my trusty Canon camera in the car; ready to shoot some pics to share with you:

IMG_3432_6042 blog 

Rosalie's latest range, printed by Lecien Japan, is called 'Folk Heart' and is really divine:

IMG_3465_6075 blog 

It won't be in the shops for a little while yet but those of you coming to Urban Stitches on the weekend might like to bring some of your pocket money:

IMG_3447_6057 blog 

More excitment as our goody bags start to come together for Urban Stitches on the weekend:

IMG_3470_6080 blog 
Under The Mulberry Tree will be there are they have LOTS of yummy things for you too, especially the hard to get 'Happy Mochi Yum Yum' range (You need it just for the name really!):


Until then,

Leanne Beasley xxx



As usual there are lots and lots of things still left to do for Urban Stitches. We are all frantically working making everythings from divine kits:

IMG_3393_6010 blog 

To nametags:

IMG_3398_6015 blog 

Rosie, Melly, and I are so looking forward to seeing all of you on the weekend!!!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Urban Stitches...

My project, that those of you joining Melly, and Rosie, and Erica, and I at Urban Stitches will receive, was inspired by colour. When I looked at these delicious threads it reminded me of a new packet of coloring pencils back in high school and how excited I was just by the colours:

IMG_3136_5830 blog 

Back when I was at school, with Rosalie, we used to love using our pencils to decorate our school diaries:

 IMG_3196_5831 blog
(That was Rosie's 17th birthday!!) No wonder my school report for biology said, "Leanne would do much better in this subject if she spent less time working on her school diary and more time focusing on the classes."

IMG_3198_5833 blog 
Lucky I focused in Art!

IMG_3204_5836 1700 
So you could say that I have replicated this feeling of colouring in with this latest design:

IMG_3171_5772 blog 

Lots of fun playing with colours:

IMG_3195_5771 blog 

I hope you are one of the ladies joining us next weekend at Urban Stitches. We have frantically been getting ready this week and there will probably be quite a few (very) late nights next week as we keep cutting your kits and making nametags, and lots of other great things!

I love color!

Leanne Beasley xxx


Vignette Issue Four

So excited that Vignette Issue Four is out today:

IMG_3126_5757 blog 

I hope you enjoy every single page and keep each issue in your inspirational magazine stash! There are lots of photos from a wonderful time and photo shoot in Far North Queensland with my friend Rosie:

IMG_1001_3807 blog 

Lots of things to do:

IMG_0865_4195 blog 
And things to finish:

IMG_2986_5649 blog 
Things to inspire you to get back to nature:

IMG_6400_9210 blog 

And to share with your quilting friends:

IMG_1337_4430 blog 

I hope this issue teaches you some new things; like covering a canvas step by step:

IMG_1608_4758 blog 

While taking you on a trip to beautiful Far North Queensland and the ladies full of laughter there:

IMG_0490_4204 cropped blog 

Above all, I hope it gives you a few minutes to yourself (at the VERY least) , and a chance to put your feet up and enjoy:

IMG_2652_5351 blog 

If you are in need of a copy please feel free to to order at your local patchwork store, or from Under The Mulberry Tree (back issues also available) or any of the stores listed on the left hand column of my blog. For the lovely ladies in the USA (how I long to be back there!) please contact your local patchwork store or order from Laura at Happiness Is...Quilting.

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx