Would You Like Pepper With Your Sushi Roll?...

Firstly, THANKYOU!!! Thimbleanna for letting me in on the 'kittens EAT thread' tip. Read it and at once went and removed the BIG needle with perle cotton from the arm of my couch where I have been hand quilting! Thanks to all of you for your good wishes for our little cat, 'Pepper':

 IMG_1584_4526 blog

I am so thrilled that so many of you out there are taking part in the 'Hexagon Quilt' in Vignette (issues 2 and 3). To those of you asking about using Rosie's 'Sweet Broderie' range of fabric I have a really nice solution, the sushi roll:

IMG_1425_4275 blog 

There are only a very limited number of these available and you can get yours from your local patchwork store if they have them in stock, or at www.underthemulberrytree.com . Allow a few days delivery as extra rolls have just become available (because so many of you wanted them!):

IMG_1422_4272 blog 
With a 7cm (almost 3") wide cut they are super useful, but particularly good for hexagons!

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley

P.S. I have so much to blog but am struggling to keep up at the moment, so PLEASE bear with me!! (You will be pleased when you see Issue 4 of Vignette that I have been working so hard)!


A New Family Member...

Okay. I admit it. I'm weak. I buckled. Perhaps you know the pressure, it goes something like, "Pllleeeassse Mummy. I'll look after it. Look how cute she is." :

IMG_1473_4504 blog 
Well I too was smitten until this:

IMG_1559_4476 blog 
Things are going to have to change around here. I forgot just how active (and curious) a kitten is. Lucky this was the end of my project and I'd finished with these threads!

Leanne Beasley xxx


Winners! (and Heading to Cairns and Townsville!!!)...

Hi everyone! Thanks to each and every one of you who left a comment for the giveaway, I really appreciate all the lovely things that you had to say, and especially hearing how much you have all been enjoying Vignette.

The winners are: Michelle (briarose70), Irene Ekeberg, Shannon (shannonbrown277), Jo Griffiths, Trudy, Sewgirly, Leisa, Doreen B, Asa Holmer, and Darlene Staley. I have emailed each of your personally requesting your snail mail to put your copy of Issue 3 of Vignette in the post box:

IMG_6889_9406 blog 
For those of you that have asked about the front cover (yes, there are HUNDREDS of photos and frantic moments over the front cover) I will answer some of your questions here:

IMG_6878_9395 blog 
The bird's nest on the cover was found in my garden and it was old and disused and on the ground. It was actually under the hydrangeas and had tiny bits of hydrangeas woven into it. The eggs ARE NOT real. They are wonderful copies and are on sale at Bed Bath and Table (they also come in pale yellow and pink!). The feathers are cockatoo feathers also found in my garden.

IMG_6926_9723 blog 
The perfectly lucious red dahlias are from my garden, and are my pride and joy. They are 'Bishop of LLandaff' Dahlias. Somehow I get them to flower from about December to March and I adore them. They have a dark, almost black foliage, and strike a stunning display from my kitchen window.

But, most excitingly, I am about to head to two of my favourite places in my beautiful Australia to come and meet with many of you:

IMG_0348_3764 blog 

This coming weekend I am travelling to Cairns, to teach at the retreat at the lovely Novotel Oasis in Cairns, for Kate and Alison from Buttontree Quilts and Colleen from Sewing Essentials. It will be a one day retreat and there are still just a few places left so click on the underlined link for more details if you'd like to join us. I hope that if you are coming along you will have some photo tips for me while visiting beautiful Far North Queensland (as I have a two day photo shoot to do too!!!)

IMG_0527_3619 blog 
The two photos above are from Townsville where I was fortunate enough to teach last June (note to self: still reading that book on the deck chair - need to do more reading). I will be returning to Townsville, along with Rosalie Quinlan and Melanie Hurlston during the last weekend in July, so stay tuned for more details.

Off to do some washing (and find that book I was reading....)

Leanne Beasley xxxx

P.S. We still have some places left for our Vietnam trip in late October so if you'd like to join us click on the button top right for a full itinerary. Many of you have asked if you can bring a non sewing friend - yes you can, and a discount applies.

P.P.S. For those of you waiting for details of our Immerse retreat - we haven't been able to secure any of the dates we need for this year so we are looking at different venues and will keep you up to date.


Vignette Giveaway!

It's here! Vignette, Issue 3 has arrived at my Distributors, Creative Abundance, and is now being shipped out to your wonderful local patchwork store as you read. It was very exciting being in the office yesterday seeing them all being picked and packed and heading off to the stores:

IMG_0450_3700 blog 
I hope that you really enjoy the projects in this issue, and have as much fun reading and creating as I did putting it all together for you. There's big and small projects to keep you busy (or just enjoy looking at the photos and having a read!) like this little pincushion:

IMG_8216_1888 blog 
This issue is 'The Comfort Issue' and that's exactly what I am feeling in need of right now. The weather here at my little house has been freezing and we've already had snow before the Winter has even begun! Usually my models take a trip visiting shops and shows but this one, The Comfort Quilt, is on my bed right now:

IMG_8127_2232 retailers 
Chicken Soup is on the menu this issue and it couldn't be more perfect timing! Really soothing for the family to come home to the cooking smells of chicken soup simmering on the stovetop on a bleak and cold evening:

IMG_7356_0239 blog 

And to inspire you I have 10 copies of Vignette to giveaway. Simply leave a comment below and I will draw out ten lucky people on Monday the 30th of May (just before Winter officially starts!). Entries are open worldwide.

Until then,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Issue 3...

Arriving from the printers this week:

Vignette cover issue 3 jacques 
I am so excited to share Issue three with you and I hope you enjoy it very much.

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. To those of you have have emailed asking, "Where are you? Are you okay?", yes I am. I took a short break away with hubby on a work trip for him, to beautiful Singapore and Indonesia. I will be sure to share some of my photos over the next while with you. Thanks to all of you who missed me!



Issue 3 is not far away! My work is all done now (well, just proof reading to do!). It's the Comfort Issue and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much I have enjoyed putting it all together. Stayed tuned for the 1st of June when it hits your local patchwork store:

IMG_8741_2396 retailers 
If you are a Patchwork Store Owner there are 'Retailer's Lists' for each of the projects, as well as recommended products. So, please contact my Distributor, Creative Abundance, for a copy of the Retailer's Lists' if you would like to pre-order products for kitting, so they can email the lists to you. If you are a Store Owner and going to kit, please leave a comment below so that interested ladies can contact you:

IMG_7238_0173 blog 
And if you are a Retail Store and would like to leave a comment below to let ladies know that you are stocking Vignette, anywhere in the world, please do!

Leanne Beasley xxx


Almost Done...

This morning has found me putting the finishing photo shoot touches on Issue Three of Vignette:

IMG_8677_2342 blog 
I fell in love with this little 'Easter Bird' at 'Bed, Bath & Table' (they still have a few left at Knox City, Wantirna store if you want one). He originally had pink spot fabric for his wings but I just had to take those off and replace them with my favourite fabric scrap from the 'Vignette In Stitches Quilt'.

IMG_8667_2333 blog 
Can't wait to show you more, it seems I get more excited with each issue and more inspired as I see what you are all creating from the magazine. Which reminds me, you must go over and peek at the blog that's been started up for The Hexagon Quilt (Issue 2 and 3)- that will inspire you!

IMG_8654_2326 blog 
Hope you find some time to squeeze in some holiday stitching this long weekend...

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. For those of you that might be thinking of booking into the Vietnam retreat (see button on the above right hand side) and want to come with a friend who's not a sewer but might like to learn, that's fine. We have ladies booked in that are beginners. This is a perfect time for them to try some handsewing with us with plenty of time to sit and learn in a really relaxing environment.


A Successful Photoshoot...

I did get up last Saturday and catch the early morning sunshine for a glorious country photo shoot at Enacasa in Talbot, Country Victoria:

IMG_8255_1923 blog 

Of course, there was plenty of coffee involved:

IMG_8189_1868 blog
I would love to show you all that I did but you will have to wait until Issue Three of Vignette arrives on the 1st of June. So, a sneak peek or two for you now. Enacasa (meaning 'Ena's house') has a beautiful story related to it and you can read all about it in Issue Three:

IMG_8506_2105 blog 
Always inspired by my surroundings, it was magical to be at Enacasa. Can't give away all my surprises (to keep you wishing for Issue Three to arrive) but I do have plenty to keep you busy in Vignette Issue Three:

IMG_8238_1909 blog 
You know, I am so bad at surprises and secrets!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter Time,

Leanne Beasley xxx



Sunshine In The Early Morning...

Packing up everything to head off into the countryside overnight for the final photoshoot for Issue 3 of Vignette. Still, I couldn't resist a few shots of the sunshine streaming through my kitchen window from the forest this morning:

IMG_7971_1812 blog 
Living in the forest you really appreciate a sunny Autumn morning (rather than the misty foggy type that usually abound). Of course the props and projects for Issue 3 were nearby so I let them take in some sunshine too:

IMG_7975_1814 blog 
Little bird:

IMG_7981_1817 blog 
And nest:

IMG_7984_1820 blog 
Tomorrow morning I will be up before the sunrises in country Victoria to try and capture the first light there. There is nothing as good for photography as first light. I also think it stirs up a certain photographic artist inside you, to attempt to even try and capture it.

Fingers crossed for clear skies...

Leanne Beasley xxx