Proper Prior Preparation...

Prevents Poor Performance! In a past life (as a corporate Sales Manager - MANY years ago) I used to remind my Sales Reps of this constantly! Well, I have taken a bit of my own advice this week and been PLANNING and PREPARING! Yesterday found me up to my car boot in fabric purchases for 'Urban Stitches' and 'Imagine...Vietnam' with Rosie, Melly and Erica:

 IMG_3092_5739 blog
Don't think this wasn't fun - it was!! An entire morning shopping for delicious fabric combinations and then we had to squeeze in a quick(ish) lunch (Vietnamese of course!) in Victoria Street, Richmond:

IMG_3110_5731 blog 
Fun preparation: Thirty envelopes, for each of you wonderful ladies that are joining us on 'Imagine...Vietnam', left the studio today too (look in your mail box early next week):

 IMG_3106_5728 blog

Of course the envelopes are full of information, but also a little bit of fun too! Hope each of you enjoys the surprise inside! And don't forget, Issue 4 of Vignette is about to come out, so if you don't have a subscription with your local patchwork store, now might be the time to get one! Vignette is in its third reprint (how exciting!) and this means that if you have missed any previous issues you can now contact your local store and get back issues:

IMG_2378_5166 blog 
Next blog entry I will give you a sneak peek of my project for 'Urban Stitches'! There are still a few spots left on the Sunday (and we might be able to squeeze in a few more on the Saturday) if you haven't booked but would like to.

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are one of my retailers PLEASE leave a comment with a link so readers can order Vignette online with you!!!