Christmas Gathering 2013...

When it was said 'Save The Date' in last month's Leanne's House newsletter I had no idea how crazy you girls would get!

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First of all, just have to say, thrilled that you are so excited about the 'Christmas Gathering 2013'. (Because there might be just a little bit of excitement here too!). Have had so many emails that this blog entry is about trying to answer some of the FAQs (and maybe giving away a few hints because I am sooooo bad at keeping secrets!). Okay, really, I confess, my email intray needs a little help and hopefully if I answer a few questions here you will not need to email me (just for the next few days anyway)!

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I have to give away a secret: I am (yippeeeeee!) sooooo excited that this bundle of 5" squares arrived today (see photo above)! Each and every one of you who joins us at the very first Christmas Gathering will be receiving one of these with my project. Anyway, back to the questions:

Q1. "What is a Christmas Gathering"? (Most FAQ)

A1. This is the end of the year and time to celebrate you. Before the 'real' Christmas Day is upon us this is a day about one thing - YOU! It's a day for you to actually celebrate Christmas and get a little gift from under our Christmas tree just for you. A little indulgent? - we hope so!!! Join us on your own or bring your quilting group to celebrate the end of the year. Not your traditional stitching retreat - expect something a little different (can't give away all the secrets just yet!)

Q2."How do you do all that photo thing with the words and bits?" (thanks for the question Christina)

A2. (Let me 'fill in' here with how the logo photo shoot went). "Stitchery is okay but what about a bit of Christmas Pine?"

IMG_8969_1055 blog

"We Need something more....thread???"

Q3. Is the food going to be Christmas food at the Christmas Gathering?"

A3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Not only a traditional Christmas lunch (that you do not have to cook but simply enjoy!!!!) there will be bon bons and all the Christmas trimmings too!

IMG_8983_1065 blog

"Wrong angle and needs something else...needle???"

Q4. Can I come for one day or two and where is it?

A4. This is a one day event (just like Christmas) so book in either on Saturday November 9th or Sunday November 10th. The event will be held at the Novotel Glen Waverley, Victoria.

"There's the needle, much better."

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"Now for the words and bits and some cropping."

Q5. Who are the Designers at the 'Christmas Gathering'? (Question from Sue, Irene, Kate, Chris and so on!)

A5. Joining me will be Gail Pan of 'Gail Pan Designs'.

Back with more soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx


Q6/7. When can I book? I do not want to miss out. Can this be our end of year Christmas for our friendship quilting group?

A6/7. We will be taking bookings next week......stay tuned......Perfect event for your friendship quilting group 'end of year celebration'.