Make It Like Mine!

If you'd like to stitch up 'A Few of my Favourite Things - Sewing Roll' or a 'Sew Laugh Love' stitchery it's now easier than ever:

IMG_0863_2450 blog

Both of these projects are now available in two ways:

1. As a pattern only, so you can select your own stitchery fabric and thread colours, or

2. As a pattern and companion kit, which includes pre-printed hanky linen (as pictured above) and the full set of Cosmo embroidery threads required to complete the project.

IMG_7467_0350 blog

Pictured above is 'A Few of my Favourite Things - Sewing Roll' and pictured below is 'Sew Laugh Love':

IMG_3888_6577 blog
'Sew Laugh Love' is one of my all time favourite projects and you'll love the pattern as it also contains a full colour stitchery guide - another way to make your project more like my original if you desire:

IMG_3875_6566 blog
The screen printed hanky linen means you can start stitching the minute you open the parcel:

 IMG_4666_7696 blog
If you haven't tried the fantastic Cosmo threads it's a great way to try them out and start building up your very own collection:

IMG_4661_7693 blog

If your local store, or online store, doesn't have them in stock and you'd like them to order in for you, here are the codes:

L102 - Pattern Only - 'A Few of my Favourite Things - Sewing Roll'

L102K - Pattern and Companion Kit - 'A Few of My Favourite Things - Sewing Roll'

L105 - Pattern Only - 'Sew Laugh Love'

L105K - Pattern and Companion Kit - 'Sew Laugh Love'

Happy Stitching!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are a store and you have them in stock, please feel free to leave your details below in a comment!