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What's Happening at Leanne's House...

Naturally there has been a lot happening at Leanne's House (which is exactly why I haven't been here chatting with you unfortunately). As you know blogging is one of my most favourite things to do but always seems to get pushed down the priority list by everything else:

IMG_4074_4070 blog

I have been busy getting Vignette 11 ready to head out to you (stay tuned for exact dates for shipment). My favourite project at the moment is part 2 (part 1 is in Vignette 11) of 'The Honey Bee Quilt':

IMG_4106_4059 blog

The garden at Leanne's House is ticking along just fine as Spring has hit. My Bay Tree (great in casseroles, spaghetti bolognaise, etc) has welcomed Spring with a HUGE amount of new growth:

IMG_4076_4072 blog

The potatoes are doing magnificently and I can barely keep up with 'earthing them up' as they seem to grow everyday. I have a variety in this year that I haven't tried before: Breaklight. They have a red skin and according to The Digger's Club catalogue are just about perfect in every kind of cooking.

IMG_4077_4073 blog

My roses (edible as they are organic) are doing better than ever. We have never had a year as good as this for our roses. Slowly changing my entire garden over to be edible (after visiting Mudbrick in beautiful New Zealand earlier this year).

IMG_4093_4080 blog

So much more happening here and it's such a pleasure to be in the midst of Spring...what could be more inspiring...

Back (very) soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx



That peek at the The Honey Bee Quilt makes me want to see the whole quilt very soon. I love the effect created by replacing a quarter of the circle with a pale green square. I would never have thought of 'cutting' and embroidery like that, but seeing it here makes me think of all the possibilities. And seeing spring colors and a working bee brings joy into a gloomy day (this is a Canadian woman speaking here; there's not a leave left on the trees and bushes, the flowers are a memory, the sun is hidden behind thick clouds, the strong wind blows everything in all direction, snow will arrive soon). Thank you for sharing this piece of work!
France, francenadeau.com


Beautiful photographs Leanne and fabulous roses! Can't wait for the next issue of vignette :)

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