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Leannes House Christmas Gathering 2013

I have already been in the Christmas Spirit for a little while now planning this event! I know many of you are excited about the uncoming Christmas Gathering and I am so looking forward to catching up with you too.

Have just been chatting with a lady who only found about it at her quilting group this morning! Apologies if you missed my previous post, or other notes on facebook. If you did want more details have a look at the flyer above or click on the button right (this will stay on my blog - see right hand column - so you may refer back to it later).

If you would like to book in please feel free to call Leanne's House (03) 9755 1097 during business hours. I have a couple of places left on the Saturday and also a few on the Sunday. If you popped your name down but didn't pay you will also need to call me again to make a payment and ensure you have your place. I understand that life gets busy and you might have forgotten.

Also, many of you are asking me what you need to bring. Just bring your favourite hand sewing things (and your jolly Christmas Spirit): needles, hoop, scissors and sewing light if you like. The day begins at 10am but feel free to join us from 9:30am for registration and a cuppa (something stronger later in the day *wink*).

Looking forward to Christmas with YOU!!

Leanne Beasley xxx





Christine B.

Wish I was close enough to come! Have fun!! :)

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