Tuesday's Tip...In The Studio

Tuesday's Tip...In The Studio

A little tip on Tuesday for those of you working on 'Mrs. Beasley's Sampler Quilt' in Vignette magazine.

IMG_0655_2331 blog
There is one of these little flowers in each block (The photos here were in block 3). Start by doing the petals (Cosmo 504 - Dark Pink) in a Tiny Back Stitch. The smaller your stitches the better 'shape' your flower will be. Remember, for the perfect Back Stitch simply ensure that your needle goes back into the hole of the last stitch. If you miss a thread or two simply go back and 'fill it in'!

IMG_0625_2308 blog
To complete the centre of the little flower outline the circle in Back Stitch first and then cover in Satin Stitch. Begin your Satin Stitch in the centre of the circle and work from the centre to the top and then from the centre down. The Back Stitch will act like a little 'wall' and make it easy to get a nice straight Satin Stitch.

IMG_0632_2314 blog
Enjoy your stitching!

Live with a creative heart,

Leanne Beasley xxx



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