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Quilting Hawaiian Style!

Sunshine and Stitching - that's Hawaii for me! For those of you that have Vignette Issue 10 you may have read the article on 'Quilting in Hawaii' (pages 12 and 13). I have had some lovely feedback on the article and quite a few "I didn't know you were taking a group of ladies to Hawaii in August" comments. Apologies for not letting you know more, sometimes I find it difficult to know if I am keeping everyone up to date or starting to repeat myself too often!

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So here's a little more information on 'Experience Hawaii 2013'. (For the nitty gritty details click on the 'Events' link to the left or directly on the button on the right). Above is the Hawaiian Quilt that I started on my last visit to Hawaii in January. Each of you joining the trip will receive Hawaiian Quilting kits and heaps of lessons! The ultimate lesson will be with the Poakalani Quilt Group in Honolulu - this is something you will remember for a lifetime:

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You will also receive one of the books written by Poakalani along with your kits. The book details everything you'll cover in class and more. This will be a great work tool and keepsake as well! We will also be visiting the Iolani Palace where you will have the opportunity to see 'The Queen's Quilt'. For those of you who have read 'The Aloha Quilt' you will be thrilled to see this:

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So inspiring:

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There is an incredible story behind this quilt and the reminder of how our quilts cannot help but reflect our lives.

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Aunty Doris from Poakalani is a wealth of knowledge and hopefully we will get to see some of her quilting which is amazing!

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Of course I will be taking you to my favourite quilt store in Hawaii as well (save your pocket money and buy an extra suitcase!).

More on Hawaii next time. Aloha,

Leanne Beasley xxx





I really enjoyed the article about Hawaai . Maybe you could bring Hawaai to Australia? I love their quilt style.


Yo quiero decirte que haces cosas lindas...que llenas mi corazon siempre de cosas bellas...FELICIDADES QUE LA VIDA CUIDE TU CRETIVIDAD, TUS MANOS, TUS OJOS Y TU CORAZON...


Thinking about this for next year

Julie Hirt - 627handworks

That Hawaiian quilt is GORGEOUS. I wish I had the patience for something like that. Beautiful!

Peg Cordova

This is for you Audey.

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