Quilting Hawaiian Style!
Tuesday's Tip...In The Studio


I promised I'd let you in on a little more about the beautiful Island of Oahu in Hawaii on this post and the Experience Hawaii Trip in August (click on the button right for more information), so here goes:

IMG_9412_9777 blog

Hawaii is the perfect place to slow down long enough to find a frangipani between your toes! A land where there is colour everywhere:

IMG_9396_9761 blog

The perfect cocktail at every stop (see you for dinner at 7pm on our first night - here at Duke's!):

IMG_0184_0219 blog

And the longest of longest 'Happy Hours':

IMG_9465_9815 blog

Accommodation in the very centre of Waikiki at the beautiful Sheraton Waikiki! Walking distance to just about everything:

IMG_9709_9455 blog

And Ocean View rooms:

IMG_9654_9413 blog

Beautiful hula dancers on the beach:

IMG_9890_0326 blog 2

Men who throw frangipanis and orchids upon you:

IMG_9874_0314 blog

And the most magnificent sunsets:

IMG_9918_0345 blog
Aloha! Hawaii is a magical place full of more than even these things. I haven't even mentioned the shopping, the stitching, the shopping, the delicious food, the shopping, the view of Waikiki Beach from our stitching classroom where you can stitch on the balcony in the sunshine of Honolulu, the shopping, the ...

Until next time,

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Tessa Townend

Hi Leanne, when I try to view the Hawaii experience or the Xmas gathering from the sidebar by touching them, the pages come up blank -no title? I am using a tablet. Regards Tessa.

Christine B.

Wow! That looks fantastic!


Oh....all of that sounds soooo divine.

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