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Looking through my current collection of photos (in the middle of a photo declutter) and found lots of tangerine ones (well this is kinda orange but you get the drift):

IMG_1408_2995 blog

My yummy threads and sewing bits:

IMG_1579_3124 blog

Roses in my garden:

IMG_6873 blog

More threads, a bowl of them!!!!!

IMG_7549_9705 blog

Colour is so inspiring!

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Hope you are loving Vignette Issue 10 - thanks for all the lovely feedback that you've given me!




How can I get the patterns for the cute pin cushions...I was not a subscriber when you had them...would love to make a pin cushion...thanks JAN C.


I love the colours! And your roses are gorgeous! They look so healthy!!


Love this colour! It gives a lot of energy!

Robyn of The Rat

Love, love, love the current edition!
What is it with tangerines and associated colours lately? I think we must be having collective dreams. :)

Christine B.

Vignette volume 10 is also in the post on it's way to Switzerland! I have all the fabrics and threads for Mrs Beasley's Sampler Quilt here waiting for its arrival... so excited!!


I am picking up my copy of Vignette tomorrow. Very pretty pics!


Volume 10 is in the post on it's way to Growssen , holland

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