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Chutney and News...

The winner of the Vignette Chutney Competition (see last post) was Joyce from Queensland. To those of you that entered, thank you all so very very much for all the time and effort you put into your entries. I have to say it was REALLY difficult selecting a winner; I did think about a 'chutney issue' but, well, you know. So yesterday was the day for final test kitchen photography and here is my version of Joyce's recipe:

IMG_0457_2164 blog

Joyce's recipe is from her Grandma Irene who will get to meet in Issue 11 of Vignette magazine as well as enjoying the recipe. It's a stunning and unique Australian recipe that you will love. Congratulations to Joyce!

Naturally this brings us to Issue 10 that I know you are all just dying to get your hands on! Well finally, after so much anticipation I have been promised that it will arrive here on Monday - yes MONDAY!!!!!!

IMG_8700_0932 blog sizing

Please allow time for your store to get it out to you and just enjoy the anticpation of a lovely new issue. Stay tuned right here for more on what's in issue 10. I hope it was worth the wait.

Back soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx



Thanks for sharing your thoughts on architecture. Regards

Robyn of The Rat

Yippee! Looking forward to it and the chutney looks really yum!
The beauty of late editions is that there is often a short time between the arrival of the next one. :)

Christine B.

The snippets we've seen look wonderful, so I am sure it will be a fabulous issue! :)


Looking forward to it Leanne!!! I just love this mag xxx


May 27 is a very important date on our home calendar - it's my birthday. And now I know what I will be buying as a slightly late birthday gift to myself - Vignette 10! Can't wait to see this new issue - thanks, Leanne.

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