I Get The Message...
Do You Have A Spectacular Chutney Recipe???

Vignette Issue 10...

...Will be here soon(ish):

If you are on the e-newsletter list you will already have received a note from us letting you know. If you didn't get an e-newsletter, well, really, why not sign up now! Head to the top right hand side of the blog and, well, just be part of it!

Can't wait to share this issue with you!!

Leanne Beasley xxx




You must be as anxious as we all are. I have informed the shop that sells Vignette to me about what is happening with the latest issue. She didn't seem to know what was happening. Looking forward to seeing it on the shelf soon. THanks for keeping us up to date.

Robyn of The Rat

Yay! Can't wait : the cover is very tantalising Leanne!


I'm looking forward to start read your wonderful Vignette and sew the new pattern! I'm in europe so I have to wait but I'm so thrilled ... I have seen the sneak pic and it's wonderful and I have the Tilda fabrics at home.
Hugs from Italy

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