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When I first visited Norway to teach I was introduced to the wonderful world of Tilda. Immediately I fell in love with all products Tilda and (needless to say) had great difficulty closing my suitcase on the way home! So you can imagine how incredibly happy I was when I discovered that Tilda fabric was heading all the way Down Under! My brand new Block of the Month quilt is inspired by Tilda fabric and my love of all things quilting and embroidery.

Here's the fabrics used in 'Mrs. Beasley's Sampler Quilt':

Note: All fabrics are strips. There is not very much left over fabric so you may wish to purchase more if you feel like you need room for error.

IMG_8841_0981 blog
Above: Row One: 4" strip, 4" strip / Row Two: 2 1/2" strip, 2 1/2" strip, 2 1/2" strip / Row Three: 4" strip, 4" strip, 4" strip.

IMG_8844_0984 blog
Above: Row One: 2 1/2" strip, 3 1/2" strip, 2 1/2" strip, 4" strip / Row Two: 9" strip.

IMG_8848_0988 blog
Above: Top to bottom: 3" strip (sashing), 3" strip, 6 1/2" strip, 9 1/2" strip.

IMG_8851_0991 blog
Above: Left to Right: 2 1/2" strip, 6 1/2" strip, 6 1/2" strip, and raspberry 6" strip for quilt PLUS 10" strip for binding.

IMG_8839_0979 blog

Above: These are Lecien Basics fabrics: The green 6 1/2" strip and the pink 10" strip.

IMG_8802_1018 blog

For the backing I would recommend purchasing the most delicious Tilda that you cannot live without, 1m (1 yard) will do the trick!

Live with a creative heart,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you'd like a sneak peek of the quilt come and visit me this Saturday at the Monbulk Quilt Show in Monbulk, Victoria. Would love to share it with you and catch up for a chat!



Will anyone in the US be kitting this project? I love it--but only found one store that carries the fabric. The shipping is outrageous-and it isn't even international shipping.


Is the strip the full width-selvage to selvage of fabric? Should I purchase a regular quarter or a fat quarter?

Jenni Hay

Leanne do you use silk to do your appliqués all the time. I like to use YLI but it's hard to find in the shops. Are you happy with the brand you are using in this picture? PS love reading your blog and the pictures are gorgeous.


Hi leanne where can i get the issue in spain?


Hi Leanne! It is difficult to me to find these fabrics in Italy!
Is it possible to have kit for the project?
Ciao Claudia


Tilda fabric? Adorable. Hello google?


So excited, can't wait till the next magazine comes out!! Awesome stress relief to go back over the past issues when the kids are tucked into bed. Just love all the Tilda range.

Mary Ann

So beautiful, Leanne! Living in Denmark, I've been able to create with these fabrics for quite some time now and I just love them, too! Glad to read that they've made their way to Australia! Hugs! Mary Ann


Bev, If you are after a fully kitted project you can go to 'Quilt Fabric Delights' and also 'Stitches From The Bush'. Drop them an email at this stage.




WOW!! I'm also a Tilda and Norway fan!! Will have to add to my growing Tilda stash and actually USE some f it hehe!!!

Meg Howie

Double that for great timing Leanne, I was talking to Sarah at QFD about her organising for mwah. So excited about this project, really really want to make it - Vignette is coming along nicely too. Only 163 days to go, yippee


Is there an Australian supplier that you know of that has these fabrics and thread in stock?

Audrey Ann

Love this fabric Leanne! And can't wait to see the full project!!


Great timing Leanne - I was just writing a blog post about Vignette 10 and popped over to 'steal' a photograph and saw you had the fabric list up.

Thank you!

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