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So most of you out there have been reading my blog for awhile now. You know me. You know I can't just stop at one. I make something and I want to make more. And so the Mini Pincushion Collection began...

IMG_8759_0836 blog

I needed just a small pincushion to throw into my sewing tin when I went stitching with my sewing circle friends. I whipped up this little pincushion (and it is little) about 3" finished! Of course then I started thinking how nice it would be to have one for each of my sewing tins which lead to "Wouldn't it be nice to share these with everyone!" So here it is: Mini Pincushion No.1:

IMG_8867_1036 blog

I simply used scraps of fabric and threads to whip it up:

IMG_8861_1033 blog

I used scraps of threads left over from my Pretty Stitches Doily Collection Pattern:

IMG_8857_1032 blog

Here are the thread numbers if you don't have the pattern:

IMG_8855_1030 blog
Why not make up a little kit for yourself or for a good friend:

IMG_8852_1027 blog

How do you get your first free postcard? Come and see me at The Monbulk Community Quilt Show this Saturday from 9:30am, hosted by Mrs. Martin's Quilt Shop. It is at the corner of Main Street and Moores Road in Monbulk, Victoria (look for the fire truck out the front). It's $5 entry and the whole day is to support the local CFA - my favourite charity!

Hope to see you there,

Leanne Beasley xxx





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:( Shame you are in another state!


How lovely !!
Now all you have to do is coming to France !!!:)


So gorgeous Leanne and very generous of you. Will it also be available for purchase

Chris K

so cute .... a lovely project, which will be coveted from afar...sadly live in NZ ....

Have a great crafting day :)

Chris K
Wellington NZ

Karen Schulz

What a shame I live in NZ or I would be there in a flash!!! When are you guys coming back to Christchurch?


How do you get a postcard if you don't live in Australia? You will receive a collectable postcard when you visit an event that I am attending or when you make a purchase of one of my products from your local quilt store.

Sue Bone

Any chance you could share this as a printable on your blog, for those of us who live thousands of miles away please?


Wow Leanne.. What a great idea. So generous of you...



love it its so cute!

Helen Yann

So sweet!!


How cute, what a pity I live in Queensland.....


Cute ... a shame that I live so far away ... hope you have a great day :-)
Happy stitching, P

Debbie Rice

That's just as cute as can be. Love it!

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