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Really happy to finally start the Photoshop class I had been wanting to do. So excited after class that I could hardly sleep so I did this:

IMG_8530_0762 blog copy

Wait until next term when I do 'In Design and Photoshop!' - there will be no stopping me!! LOL

Yes, the above is another sneak peek of 'Mrs. Beasley's Sampler Quilt'. This is also part of Block one (one of my favourite little mini blocks!)

Yesterday saw me out at the flower farm for fantastic flowers for more photography this weekend. Can you believe it? all this for $24! picked that morning!:

IMG_8522_0755 blog
Also, someone asked me about the scissors that I had in a photo (sorry, can't remember who) recently, needing more info on how to get them. They are not available here in Australia (yet) but are my all time favourite scissors; really strong and very sharp and have the best point for embroidery and applique on them. They also have big handles so are easy to use. I have a few different sizes. They are a from China and have two beautiful storks on them:

  IMG_8493_0749 copyright leanne beasley

Also girls, we are hoping to have Vignette Issue 10 ready very soon, stay tuned and I will keep you updated here and also via personal email newsletter. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter you can by subscribing (see top left hand side of the blog and follow the easy instructions). There is a newsletter for stores and one for those of you who just enjoy my designs.

The short version of the story is that our printer unfortunately went into receivership and now is no longer in existence. A very sad story not just for me but the fifty plus people who worked there. Most of them have been fortunate enough to find other jobs but not all of them yet. My huge challenge has been to find another printer who can do the type of printing I need at the price I need at the quality level I need in the timeframe I need!

Anyway enough of that, Vignette is coming and it just gives you a little more time to buy your fabrics and threads. More about the fabric next blog post...

Leanne Beasley xxx




Jenni Hay

Hi Leanne I asked about the scissors too. Do you have them to sell?
Regards, Jenni :-)


Hi Leanne.. How exciting to have another BOM out soon.

I did ask about the scissors in one of your last post... as I love scissors....



The new BOM looks gorgeous Leanne. Trust you to suck me in again! I hope you find a printer soon.


I am in LOVE with your new BOM! I am getting in from the beginning this time! LOL Is there any possiblity you could list the fabrics before Wednesday, Mar 13? I am going on a four day quilting bus trip-hitting several quilt shops and shows-so I would love to be able to look for the fabics while I am gone. Fingers crossed!

Jenni Hay

Thanx Leanne I will be watching closing for when you might have them . Absolutely love them

Helen Yann

Woo hoo!!


Hi Leanne Put me down for the scissors too please AND where is the Flower Farm - the flowers look amazing I'd love to go.


Jenni, not available anywhere here you have to go to China to get them! One of the products that might be branded 'Leanne's House' in the future. I am trialing them at the moment and completely love them!!

Jenni Hay

Leanne the scissors are gorgeous any idea of the makers name to try and buy a pair, I love gorgeous scissors and would love to get a pair. Thanks :-)


Thanks for the update ... the photoshop classes sound exciting ... enjoy :-)
Happy stithcing, P

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