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I Get The Message...

Okay girls (and a few guys too from my emails!) I am hearing you: Life will not be the same unless you get a postcard with the Mini Pincushion No.1 on it.

IMG_8867_1036 blog

If you are not visiting me at an event this year then you can get your first (and following) postcards from your favourite patchwork store.

Each time a store places an order they receive a postcard for each product. We have had orders today from Coffs Harbour to Washington so they are now shipping and heading out to you - no matter where you are in the world!


Leanne Beasley xxx




LOVE your pincushions. Love ALL of your work. thanks.


Hi Esther. 'Aztec Rose Crea and Hobby' and 'Kwibbles' have just had shipments leave for your beautiful country!! Pick up a postcard at either store!

esther vd meyden

I can't find the cards in the Netherlands though...:O(
How can I get the pattern for the pincushion now?

Love from Holland,

Delwyn from Quilters Harvest

Will be calling with an order soon.


Now I can get excited. It is within my reach. Thanks Leanne.


Yay! So good to hear!!! :) I'll wait a week and order a few on my wish list ;)

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