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A few Cosmo thread numbers might help:

475 - the most delicious dark grey

474 - the most delicious light grey

502 - think candy

504 - think this kinda candy:

IMG_8459_0702 copyright Leanne Beasley
241A - okay I love this raspberry red and I know I use it all the time - can't you see why?

374 - a light peacock

375 - a darker peacock

630A - very light green

117 - summer grass green

632 - oh! it must be autumn and the grass is a little greener

Then, I realised life is so much sweeter with a little variegation. So I added in some Cosmo Seasons Threads:

8008 - a whole bunch of candy

8055 - a flock of peacocks

8021 - lying in the summer grass with a glass of white wine and a picnic.

Sneak peek of one of the mini blocks in Block One (where there is now a whole bunch of candy):

IMG_8386_0718 copyright leanne beasley

You will need lots of these...

Leanne Beasley xxx


Vickie Adkins

I really enjoy your site. You cover so many areas of sewing and stitching. I would love to see larger looks of your quilts, etc. Regardless I do enjoy your site and would love to try some of your work.

Vickie Adkins

Is the pattern in the Vignette magazine? If so which issue and how can I purchase it? I live in the US and it is hard to get items from Australia.


Love the block so far! Are these the colors we need for the BOM? I am going on a quilting bus tour this week and want to try to pick these up!

Robyn of The Rat

Can't wait for Vignette to hit the stores!
This is a very pretty design. :)


Want...NEED!!!! LOVE!!!! When will this pattern be available for wholesale purchase (to go along with my new Tilda fabrics!)

Leslie Hayes

Love the fabrics in your mini block!


But how can I resist ???? I already dream of it !!

Debbie Rice

Thanks so much for recommending the cosmo threads. I purchased several when started working on my smaller version of the vignette quilt and I love them. So soft and look beautiful on fabric. Now you tempted me with the variegated. I ordered the numbers you suggested and several more. Not sure what I will do with them, but will have them on hand when needed. Love all your projects, wish I had time to do more than I do.


(Insert big happy smile here)


Oh, Leanne, that's beautiful! The lovely stitching just adds so much to those pretty fabrics! And the color of the thread is perfect

Bente Antosnen


Michelle Elliot

Hello Mrs Beasley. You are very very good at teasing! You have me hooked, can't wait to see the rest. Michelle xxx

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