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Every New Year I am one of those make-a-resolutions-list-type-of-girls. I must admit I am very goal oriented and like to make lists and work through them. I also like to have a quote or a mantra to motivate me through the year.

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I wear so many hats (figuratively speaking) that sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the day to running of the business side of what I do (which I am equally as passionate about) that I can get sidetracked from what I love most so this is my 2013 mantra:

Live with a creative heart.

Lots of you out there are loving my postcards that we send out to the stores with orders and in turn end up in your mailbox or when you visit your local store. The next postcard in the series has my latest mantra on it combined with a section of the Issue 10 cover of Vignette.

It is my wish that you can always live with a creative heart!

Leanne Beasley xxx




Oh so true Leanne in many ways we can live this mantra!
Hugs Dawn x x

Robyn out west

Love the concept! I wish I was as creative as you, but at least you are willing to share your ideas and I can at least have a facsimile of my own making!


Blessings to you, Leanne, for all the beauty you bring to our world.

jo in tas

Hhmmm I haven't seen the postcards, i might have to go exploring....and shopping!

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