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Hi everyone! I have been absent here for a (long) time. No excuses just that that other wonderful more instant social media known as Facebook took me over! Actually I love blogging as it's kind of like a journal and allows me to add in lots of photos, which of course is my great passion alongside stitching, patchwork, cooking, gardening, writing, etc.

I hope that you have been enjoying Issue 9 of Vignette magazine:

Vignette Issue 9 HR
I am always amazed each time an issue of Vignette comes out and our sales grow. Thanks to all of you out there who have been enjoying the magazine and obviously referring your friends and customers world wide.

IMG_7674_7450 blog
Thanks also to so many of you working very hard on the 'Vignette in Stitches Quilt' and sending me inspiring emails and photos of what you are up to. There is nothing that encourages me more than your comments and emails. It's always a thrill when I hear from you out there!

Until next time (which will not be as long as last time!),

Leanne Beasley xxx


Robyn of The Rat

I love my Vignette! Although I didn't discover it until the quilt was well underway in the issues, I was able to get all of the back issues : thanks to you and Emma at Ballarat Patchwork!
I haven't started the quilt yet. I think it will be my winter project. However, I was so taken with Frogs in the Pond, that I was inspired to go through my stash of "old" fabrics. I have quite a few cat prints and a lot of fat 1/4s that didn't relate to anything. A log cabin is something I had considered for a while, and this seemed like a great project. I've finished piecing the blocks and now it is time to join them up. I have enjoyed making it, but can understand why a lot of people use a foundation to get their bits together!
Cheers and Thanks, Leanne.

Meg Cook

Facebook doesnt interest me.
Sad that most people are going that way.
To get someone to answer an email is getting harder.
I must be too old to change.

Leanne Beasley

Chooky I missed you. Girls I will be here and there too!!!


Don't listen to Chooky (LOL), I love following you on Facebook!!


don't do facebook so glad your back here............


no what you mean Leanne, it took me too...fabulous about the sales of Vignette, it is a great mag a must have...
Hugs x x

Leanne Beasley

I have Auntie Pami. Will always be available as hard copy too no matter what happens :)

Auntie Pami

Have you ever thought about making this available as an e-zine?

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