Vignette Issue 8...
Facebook Just Took Me Over...

Sunday Sunshine...

I always wake up happy on a Sunday. It's my favourite day. Look at my kitchen table this morning, I mean really, how could you see this much sunshine and not be happy!?!

IMG_7434_7294 blog
Maybe your Sunday sees you having some sewing time (I hope so for you). It seems plenty of you out there are making or going to make the 'Sweet Scraps Table Runner' featured in the latest issue of Vignette; maybe that's what you're up to today:

IMG_4113_4913 blog
I had a ball stitching up this long skinny runner using the scraps from my 'Vignette In Stitches' Quilt:

IMG_3876_4799 blog
Some Spring blossom on the runner completes the picture:

IMG_4065_4884 blog
Anyway, enough chatting for now, hope you are enjoying Issue 8 of Vignette as much as I loved putting it all together for you!

Leanne Beasley xxx



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