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Lots of photography today in the studio for the Issue 11 cover of Vignette magazine (that will be for June/Winter 2013). It seems lots of people have asked me in the last few days just how to pronounce Vignette. It's easy: Say 'Vin-yet'. It's a delicious French word that means many things, including: "a small engaging scene, view or picture":

IMG_7129_6798 blog
I love making little vignettes around my studio to inspire me daily. Then of course I love to play with my camera and snap a few shots:

IMG_7141_6802 blog
Started feeling decidedly 'Marie Antoinette' after playing around with a new pincushion project using fun photo frames from Typo (great stationary etc. store!):

IMG_7142_6804 blog
Inspired by Marie Antoinette and her love of bling and pretty I had a pretty good time in the studio today:

IMG_7169_6825 blog2
Also inspired by this divine range of fabric called 'Gypsy Girl' by Lily Ashbury for Moda. Really, how could you see this fabric and not be inspired!?!

Have a great long weekend girls (if you are in Melbourne like me).I will be spending my long weekend in lockdown in the studio putting the finishing touches on Vignette Issue 9 - due out December. Happy!

Leanne Beasley xxx



Lily Ashbury

Hi Leanne!

So happy to have stumbled onto your site. I love seeing what people from all around the world are creating with our collection! Do you have a Facebook page? If so, come find us! I'll post your image to our page :)

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I'm glad you loved this. Even though it didn't blow me away, I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Mary Patrick

I love your embroidery work and would you be so kind to share with me your designs. Mary Patrick Thank you very much!!

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Laila Kristin Skauge

I just love your photos so much! What lens do you use? 50mm? So fresh colors too. Gorgeous!

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Very nice and beautiful work... nice pics. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Leanne
That fabric is so divine and I do admire your vignettes. Tres Chic! ;)
This weekend will be filled with days of hunting for ceiling fans, feeding the painters (family members) and trying to get my two softies finished for Softies for Mirabel and the binding completed on a quilt. Oh, and the mundane stuff of washing and cleaning somewhere in there.


Hi Leanne, missed you!!! Love the idea of the pin cushion, and really LOVE the fabric, will have to get some (where?). Wow only another month for the next vignette, not long to wait!!!! Xxxxx

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