Stitch and Quilt in Bright...
Experience Hawaii !!!

Hi Girls....

Oh I have so much to tell you but I have so much to do for you as well. I will be off on a short adventure for a few days (a little photography for Vignette Issue 9) and then I will be back with some more interesting blogging..


Until then, don't forget me.....

Leanne Beasley xxx




Not a chance you will be forgotten...:0)

Carrolyn V


Carrolyn V

Still awaiting Vig. 8 and the chance to finish that quilt.....hope it is coming soon.


Know where emergency devices are located and the location of at least two emergency exits close to your living/working area.


How could we forget you? I am still eagerly awaiting Vignette 8 to arrive . Looking forward to your next post.


Ooh how exciting,can't wait for the next Vignette....enjoy you trip, looking forward to what you'll be sharing.
Hugs Dawn x

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