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Hello everyone! I have really missed you and being here for a chat! Life is (as usual) frantic but incredibly happy :) Urban Stitches was just one fantastic event at the Novotel in Glen Waverley. A huge thankyou to all the wonderful staff there and the effort that they put in. Pick up your next issue of Vignette magazine in September to read all about the fun we had there (and see the pictures)! To each of you who attended either the Saturday or the Sunday (or some of you joined us for both days) I am so thrilled that you enjoyed the retreat and spent a little time to just indulge yourselves. Thanks for all your messages of gratitude and letting me know what a great time you had - each and every one I have loved reading and really appreciate just as I am sure Rosie and Melly have:

IMG_3932_4865 Blog

Of course I have been having a ball as usual playing with my lovely Canon 7D and putting the very final touches on Issue 8 of Vignette magazine (don't you just LOVE this sewing basket?! - prop I have on loan and am tempted to not give back):

IMG_4223_4995 blog

And as if my days and nights weren't full enough I have been engrossed in Issues 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 of Vignette magazine!!! I have some lovely stories, projects, and guest Designers to delight you! In the upcoming issue, Issue 8, we complete the last of the 'Vignette in Stitches Mystery Quilt' blocks as well as adding in a few special touches here and there. We stitch all the blocks together and you can finish off the quilt from this issue or join me in Issue 9 for some delightful quilt labels, a detailed photographic trip of how I have hand quilted the quilt and the other necessary bits like binding. If you are up to it you can join me in a new adventure with a five part BOTM quilt for a wall in your home. My version will hang in my home so I have gone with the more modern decorating colours incorporating the beautiful greys and blues and browns and vanillas that are so current:

IMG_4229_5001 blog

Of course I am very busy getting ready for the trip to Mauritius with Rosie and Melly and 32 other women! What adventures await!?!! Well I have taken lots of your time but I hope to see you back here really soon so we can catch up again:

IMG_4215_4987 blog

Oh also, many of you have asked me how to keep up with what I will be doing next year - simple - just make sure that you are on my newsletter list (see top right). More than ever I have lots of adventures both here in Australia and overseas and I would love for you to be a part of those with me so stay tuned!

Hope your days are filled with sunshine and happiness,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are a Retailer and haven't placed an order for Issue 8 of Vignette magazine, or future issues, please just drop me a line via email or give me a quick phone call, any standing orders you may have had in the past with my previous distributor I do not have access to. I do understand that this has involved a lot of work for some of you having to collate individual orders but I can assure you when you let me know once that will be sufficient :)



Sharon Robinson

Dear Leanne, I have done 2 of your block of the month quilts through The Mulmerry Tree. I haven't checkd nout your web-s-t in several years. Anyway I just finished looking at all of your buy pattern, but I don't know how to buy something. Sincerely Sharon Robinson

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I have a lot of fun, I managed to keep up with your city needle almost mystical quilt and am looking forward to seeing you next. What is beautiful cloth you have???????

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Great blog- this looks very professional and very clean. Good luck rolling it out!

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I love this! It is like Pinterest in fabric. Hope to see it in your magazine (hint hint). Have a great time!


Great sewing basket you have :-)


I had a lot of fun at Urban Stitches and am managing to almost keep up with you on the Mystery Quilt and am looking forward to seeing your next one. What are the beautiful fabrics you have there?

Leanne Beasley

Linda, I think you might be onto something there!


Where can i finf Vignette in the USA? Thanks,Lisa


Wow that all looks so exciting - cant wait for the next issue and the next, next.
Had a great time at Urban Stitches thanks again.


Hi Leanne ! I feel already happy waiting for the next Vignette !! Have I read correctly, you say "overseas"...I don't dare imagine you will come in Europe... but I pray !!!


...and what fabrics are they all tied up nicely??


That sewing basket looks very familiar....Gail has one the same! Can't wait for the next Vignette.

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