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Vignette On Sale Here...

Well I was just a bit excited this afternoon when I popped into my local quilt store, Foothills Fabric and Threads, and they had their 'Vignette On Sale Here' Store Door Decal on the front door:

  IMG_3514_4478 blog
I think it brightens up the door! Foothills Fabric and Threads can supply you with any issue of Vignette that you desire.  

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are a retail store and would like a Store Door Decal for your door simply request one and we will send it with your next Vignette order. I know most of you have (but if you haven't) please sign up to our Leanne's House newsletter (see top right and click on the link). We have a newsletter for Store Owners and a newsletter for those of you who just love stitching our projects! Sign up now and don't miss the free scissor keep pattern in the next newsletter!

Back in Blogland!

Hi Girls - I'm back!! I have been trying to get here for ages and finally here I am! Life has been frantic to say the least (just how I love it - think I'm an adrenaline junkie!). We have been so very busy here setting up a new office and all that encompasses. It's been like starting all over again and as daunting as that is it's also very exciting:

IMG_3200_4284 blog

There's been lots of designing and stitching still going on (the really fun part) and I have been loving working in some delicious colours inspired by the 'Urban Stitches' threads we will be using! Only 12 sleeps until Urban Stitches and I just can't wait! Those of you coming are in for a really great day with Rosie, Melly, Erica and I:

IMG_3198_4282 blog
If you have been in your local patchwork store in the last few days you might have seen one of the new things from me, postcards! The very first postcard is the cover of the latest issue of Vignette magazine Issue 7. More news about postcards soon:

IMG_3302_4347 blog
So it's back to getting ready for all the exciting things I have coming up with lots of you out there,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are a retail store don't forget to place your orders directly with us now at Leanne's House. It seems most of you are enjoying placing orders via email so don't hesitate to contact us at  [email protected] . Thank you to all of you out there who have given me lots of support and feedback in the last week - I really appreciate it. The feedback on our invoicing system has been great. For those of you that haven't placed an order yet; when you do we simply email your invoice and you click on the link and can pay using PayPal or credit card. Easy!