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Get Ready...Here I come Hawaii...

Off on another adventure this week...to Hawaii! Of course I am up to my usual 'reading up on the destination':

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I am really excited about the possibility of seeing some Hawaiian quilts! I haven't read a book in soooo long but I have a few on my agenda including this Di Morrissey, Lonely Planet (naturally), and my own addition of a journal:

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If any of you lovely blog readers can help me I am looking for places to explore Hawaiian Quilting. I am staying in Kona and then in Honolulu. Any good quilting stores that I must venture out to see? I will also be looking to take other people out to visit amazing places - any suggestions????

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I am really looking forward to this adventure and showing you lots of lovely photos when I return!

Leanne Beasley xxx


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Calico Cat on Oahu is awesome, tiny store, but worth the visit, beware, she is closed some days... Email me and I will pass on the info. Too bad you won't be here next week, my guild's annual show starts on the 11th at the linekona art museum.

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Kaliko-Katze auf der Insel Oahu ist genial, winzigen Laden, aber einen Besuch wert, sich hüten, sie wird einige Tage geschlossen ... Bitte schicken Sie mir und ich werde auf der Info weiterzugeben. Schade, dass du nicht hier sein, nächste Woche beginnt meine Gilde die jährliche Show am 11. an der linekona Kunstmuseum.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger

When we were in Kona, we loved visiting the King Kamehameha hotel, downtown Kailua Kona... they are practically like a museum, and have many beautiful, traditional Hawaiian quilts on display. Aloha nui loa, and safe travels.


So another destination to add to IMAGINE get aways, might be in the pipe line after this holiday we can only hope! Have a great time, and do plenty of retail therapy.

Meg howie

Hope you get some ideas doe another international trip for us. Have lots of fun, see you soon Xxx


Sorry, can't help as I have never been overseas. I did so love reading The Aloha Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini though. Her descriptions of the quilts in this novel were wonderful.


While you are on the big island there is quilt passions in Kona, they also have discount fabric warehouse in Kona and Hilo with a huge selection of Hawaiian fabric (not 100%cotton though) and quite a bit of bark cloth. Topstitch is a small shop in Waimea and if you venture to the volcano on the other side of the island there is Kilauea Kreations in Volcano Village and a store in Hilo too. Kilauea and Quilt Passions have websites with directions. Hulihee Palace is right on the water in downtown Kona and will have some old Hawaiian Quilts on display. We don't have alot of quilting shops on the island, but enough to stop and visit. For touristy things to see there is of course the volcano, it's pretty active at the moment but it changes by the hour! Hawi town is a great place to wander around and then head north towards pololu point and if you're feeling energetic hike down into the valley and the blacks sand beach or go on "Flumin the ditch" which leaves out of hawi. Have fun!
Aloha, Lisa

Julie Ogle

We are off to Honolulu on the 11th May. Last time we were there we did stay in Kona. If you hire a car you can go the Akaka Falls which are in Hilo and you can also walk across the volcano. In Honolulu there is Pearl Harbour, Haunama Bay where you can go snorkeling, Diamond Head and there is also a Polynesian Culture Centre.
We are also going to Maui so thanks to the ladies who have put suggestions here.



Bishop museum in Honolulu has wonderful quilts on display.

Rachel Lees

Kona is my old stomping-ground. You will love it. Unfortunately, I was not into quilting when I lived there so can't help you out on that, but be sure and grab yourself a few bags of Kona coffee to bring back - it's delicious and addictive!

Åsa Holmér

I recommend that you read "The Aloha Quilt" by Jennifer Chiaverini. That book made me want to visit Hawaii, but it´s VERY far from Sweden...

Sharon S

Check & see if the local Quilt Guild meets while you are there. One of my friends visits a Guild while vacationing on Oahu. Just a Google search away!


Hi Leanne ! My American best friend has just sent me some fabrics she bought during her vacations in Hawaï... here is the address :
Sew Special
Kaahumanu Center
275 Kaahumanu Avenue, #1048
Kahului, Maui, Hawaï 96732
Maybe it can be useful for you !!
Enjoy your trip !

Kim West

Oh also, the queen's summer palace may have some quilts too; at the very least, the quilt she made while Imprisioned. also, there is a group that meets there on Wednesdays that does Hawaiian Quilting.

Kim West

Calico Cat on Oahu is awesome, tiny store, but worth the visit, beware, she is closed some days... Email me and I will pass on the info. Too bad you won't be here next week, my guild's annual show starts on the 11th at the linekona art museum.


Honolulu is easy - visit the Hilton Hawaiian Village, ride the elevator up and stop on each floor. There is a lovely hawaiian quilt just outside the doors on every floor. Other hotels may have the same thing so check :-) There are also quilts at Iolani Palace and hawaiian quilting lessons on Saturday mornings. There is a quilt shop in Kona - Quilt Passions and they have a free hawaiian quilting demo on Wednesdays. No shops on Waikiki anymore but there is a chain - Fabric Mart that does have some fun cottons and other fabrics. Worth a visit. Have a great trip!

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