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Exciting Things...

There are lots of exciting things happening at Leanne's House at the moment but my favourite (as always) is putting the finishing touches on the next issue of Vignette. It is so difficult to cut back (sometimes) hundreds of photos for each article to just a few. Here's a photo that didn't quite make it but I hope it makes you feel as happy as it made me feel:

IMG_1562_3117 blog

There's nothing like a delicious dose of colourful china and threads to cheer a person up in this stormy Melbourne autumn!

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx


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Sure love THE photo


So pretty and inspiring.

Jo H

Love the colours - what a great idea to keep thread on a beautiful plate.


I love visiting your blog and looking at your photos, they are always so creative and colourful. I enjoy your magazine too.


Colour greatly influences our mood. It must be hard trying to edit your mag. Looking forward to the next issue. Thanks for all your hard work putting it together.


ooh, the orange and lime together are a party waiting to happen.


How exciting....another issue! Great picture.


Love it thanks for sharing x

Deb R

The colours are gorgeous :)

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