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Applique Threads...

I received a lovely email today from Linda and her friend Robyn. They are "about to endeavour and begin the Vignette mystery quilt". Keen to use the same applique threads as me they were chasing some details. I thought that I should share this with all of you because it was such a good question:

IMG_7591_9738 fb
I have used the Matilda's Own range of silk thread. There are many colours that you can select from and you can even purchase the entire range in a lovely box (this was my 40th present to myself!). For the Vignette In Stitches Mystery Quilt I used the following:

15 red, 129 bright pink,101 pale pink, 62 red/pink, 9 soft green, 122 lime green, white, 140 orange (and 27 orange when I lost 140!).

IMG_7549_9705 blog
I hope this helps those of you wishing to invest in some lovely quality silk threads. They really are fantastic to applique with and a roll of each lasts a LONG time:

IMG_4636_7674 blog
And before you ask the next question, the needles I love to use for applique and stitchery and just about everything are the Jeana Kimball's Foxglove Cottage Embroidery/Redwork size 9:

 IMG_2878_5474 blog

Enjoy every minute of your stitching!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Saturday Night...

And I hope you are enjoying stitching your 'Vignette In Stitches Quilt' as much as me tonight:

IMG_1013_2498 blog
It's been really busy here (planning lots of fun new things for you)! But, I have especially been enjoying a day of photo shoots for the next issue of Vignette!

IMG_1074_2553 blog

Fun fun fun!!!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. I am getting lots of enquiries from you out there in blogland (in particular the USA) about where you can still purchase everything to start the Vignette In Stitches Quilt. Let me be the first to let you know Gail B's  still has the full kits available if you would like to start (shipping worldwide), as well as the full set of magazines thus far (at a special price) with all the patterns. If you are just after the patterns in the issues of Vignette, please contact Laura at in Texas!


Make It Like Mine!

If you'd like to stitch up 'A Few of my Favourite Things - Sewing Roll' or a 'Sew Laugh Love' stitchery it's now easier than ever:

IMG_0863_2450 blog

Both of these projects are now available in two ways:

1. As a pattern only, so you can select your own stitchery fabric and thread colours, or

2. As a pattern and companion kit, which includes pre-printed hanky linen (as pictured above) and the full set of Cosmo embroidery threads required to complete the project.

IMG_7467_0350 blog

Pictured above is 'A Few of my Favourite Things - Sewing Roll' and pictured below is 'Sew Laugh Love':

IMG_3888_6577 blog
'Sew Laugh Love' is one of my all time favourite projects and you'll love the pattern as it also contains a full colour stitchery guide - another way to make your project more like my original if you desire:

IMG_3875_6566 blog
The screen printed hanky linen means you can start stitching the minute you open the parcel:

 IMG_4666_7696 blog
If you haven't tried the fantastic Cosmo threads it's a great way to try them out and start building up your very own collection:

IMG_4661_7693 blog

If your local store, or online store, doesn't have them in stock and you'd like them to order in for you, here are the codes:

L102 - Pattern Only - 'A Few of my Favourite Things - Sewing Roll'

L102K - Pattern and Companion Kit - 'A Few of My Favourite Things - Sewing Roll'

L105 - Pattern Only - 'Sew Laugh Love'

L105K - Pattern and Companion Kit - 'Sew Laugh Love'

Happy Stitching!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you are a store and you have them in stock, please feel free to leave your details below in a comment!


Let's Meet on Saturday...

It's the 1st of March and Vignette Issue 6 is offically out! If you already have your copy I really hope that you are enjoying every page, if you don't have a copy yet check your local patchwork store (available worldwide) or your favourite online store:

L806 - cover - small [10]
Issue 6 is packed full of projects to keep you stitching and articles to enjoy reading. One of my favourite projects is one you can tackle in a day - A French Linen Quilt:

IMG_7332_9754 blog

Something (just a little bit) bigger is the Vignette In Stitches Quilt! This issue we undertake Blocks 10 & 11. Lots of you are enjoying the pleasures of a big project and I'm so excited each time I see what you're up to:

IMG_4610_7626 blog
I had so much fun (and took so many photos!) for this issue that I will be expanding on the arctiles right here on the blog for you over the next little while, like the story on Ballarat Patchwork:

IMG_7485_9871 blog

In the meantime I am looking forward to meeting lots of you this coming Saturday:

IMG_0849_2444 blog
This is an opportunity to see many of my original samples that you may not have seen before, including the projects from each issue of Vignette. If you are still thinking about making the Vignette in Stitches Quilt this would be the perfect time to come along and see my version thus far (I do have to keep the remaining blocks a little bit secret). Gail B's has made up extra packs with the exact fabrics that I have used, as well as having them on the bolt. This is your opportunity to get a few simple tips from me about stitchery as well. I will be demonstrating using the beautiful screen printed hanky linen kits now available with some of my projects:

 IMG_5917_8587 blog

The above photo is a close up of The Sewing Roll that's part of the 'A Few of My Favorite Things' collection (more projects coming soon!):

IMG_7418_0319 blog
This is a perfect project to use up some of your scraps from the Vignette In Stitches Quilt too!

Hope to see you Saturday if you're a local girl,

Leanne Beasley xxx

Gail B now has a blog too! so have a look there too on a regular basis as they stock just about everything a fabric loving girl could wish for!