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It seems that those of you who joined Melly, Rosie, and myself , as well as Under The Mulberry Tree, at Urban Stitches last year had a great time. The bookings for this year are filling up very fast and we are so thrilled that you will be joining us in July again (and some of you for the first time)! We even have a few beginner stitchers joining us this year and they are in for a treat:

IMG_3544_6383 blog
Of course we have another wonderful menu planned:

IMG_3639_6284 blog
There will be lovely 'Stitcher's Giftbags':

IMG_3470_6080 blog

And in your 'Stitcher's Giftbag' you will receive three brand new designs including a full kit for each project, one from each of us (this was my 'Sew Laugh Love' kit from last year):

IMG_3503_6454 leanne blog

Which ended up like this:

IMG_3393_6010 blog

There's even a facebook page for you to join in if you like (called: Urban Stitches). Feel free to post photos from last years Urban Stitches (maybe a finished or work-in-progress project photo!) on the page. Add comments about last years event or leave a note about this year. Follow Rosie, Melly and I as we plan and prepare for Urban Stitches 2012 at The Novotel Glen Waverley in our usual excited fashion:

IMG_3698_6341 leanne blog
Lots of the ladies already booked in have some great 'weekend plans'. Why not really indulge yourself as well and spend a day with us at Urban Stitches, a night with the girls at The Novotel, and then shop or go to the movies the following day? I'm just saying.....

Leanne Beasley xxx

Click on the button on the right hand side of this blog for all the details, including the registration form.

P.S. Some you know that we have been planning a 'Vietnam Reunion Dinner' on the Saturday night. Will have full details very shortly, hoping to finalise the venue and pricing (short walking distance from the Novotel) by tomorrow!


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This stitching work you guys done was awesome...!

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Living in PNG at the moment and have just heard about the Urban Stitches. Wanted to book 2 tickets but it's Sold Out.....if anyone cancels can you let me know please :)


Hi Leanne,

Is there a pattern/kit available for the Sew laugh love stichery yet? Would love to get my hands on one....

Heather Brown

Looks absolutely superb, I'm sure that you will all have a super weekend.....maybe, I should plan myself a stitching weekend just for myself with no interruptions or housework and a couple of projects to do.....but I'd have to plan that during the week for myself because weekends are currently full of non negotiable responsibilities..... might be able to squeeze a monday and tuesday in on occasion.....I'll plan for something like that.

Have a great time everyone.


Great - sooooo looking forward to it! Is it too early to pack my bag in February???

carol lee

Just booked for 4 of us. See you there

Meg Howie

So excited, I have had a great time since it all began. Looking forward to catching up with friends and new faces. I'm going to do 2 days again, I love all the surprises. Vietnam dinner will be great, we are even trying for a trip with the girls coming to the West xxx


Holy smoke that looks Like a great weekend!

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