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Happy Australia Day!

It's our national day of celebration today - Australia Day! I hope you enjoy it if you're here in Australia. Here's a bit of a hint about the next cover of Vignette, featuring the very Australian, pink flowering gumtree:

IMG_7192_9611 blog this

The next issue of Vignette magazine (out 1st March) has a 'Country Victoria' feel about it. Some of the best patchwork stores are to be found in the countryside of Australia and Issue 6 features two very different, yet both inspiring stores. For many women around country Australia their local patchwork store is their haven and their gathering place, not just a place to purchase fabric and supplies:

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So if you are celebrating today with a nice glass of wine (or maybe an Aussie beer) have a 'cheers' to the great Aussie Country Patchwork store and the women that own those stores and work there. They deserve it:

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Leanne Beasley xxx

Happy Chinese New Year...

As much as I love a celebration I love the 'getting ready' part of celebrating, getting ready for Christmas, getting ready for a holiday, getting ready for a birthday. I was lucky enough to be in Singapore last week while everyone there was getting ready for Chinese New Year:

IMG_0053_1878 blog

The stores were filled with all kinds of beautiful, colourful lanterns and decorations. I had to buy just a few! Like this beautiful one:

 IMG_9923_1362 blog

The streets of Chinatown in Singapore were just so beautiful; of course my camera was clicking at almost every turn:

IMG_0061_1885 blog

This Chinese New Year is the Year of the Dragon. It was really interesting finding out all about 'The Year of the Dragon' while I was there. That also meant lots of dragon decorations too:

IMG_9922_1361 blog

I've had a ball in the last few days decorating my home with a few Chinese lanterns, red flowers, fruit and other items to celebrate Chinese New Year. I think learning about other cultures is really interesting and fun (although my family think I'm a little crazy decorating for Chinese New Year when we're not Chinese!). There's lots we can learn from different cultures; and I love the idea of my family sharing a chicken tonight to represent family unity, I've even roped Mum and Dad into it!

IMG_9913_1352 blog

Leanne Beasley xxx

Imagine.... Mauritius.

Mauritius button

After the amazing success of "Imagine... Vietnam" in 2011, we are extremely excited to be able to finally release the details of our second "Imagine..." retreat which is to be held in stunning Mauritius from the 15th to the 22nd August 2012

This is an exciting opportunity for any of you (from any corner of the globe) to join Rosalie Quinlan, Melly Dekker and Myself in a week of complete indulgence!  Mauritius is an opportunity to escape to a beautiful tropical paradise. Enjoy the extravagant luxury of the Paradis resort, set on the picturesque Le Morne Peninsula. Spend your time as you desire, with a group of like minded women. Come with us to the craft bazaars, sit and stitch, walk amongst the most amazing nature, and experience a wonderful cultural diversity, amidst some of the most welcoming people in the world. 

In the right side bar you will see the "Imagine... Mauritius" button.  Please click on this to download the itinerary and registration information.  We are very excited to have our amazing Travel Agent Escort, Annette Dal Sasso, coming along with us again. All bookings and queries can be directed to her as per the details on the registration form.  If you are traveling from a destination other than Australia, please still contact Annette as she can organise your trip from wherever you are based.

This really is going to be a trip to remember and we hope you can join us!

So excited and tempted to pack our bags already...