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A Brief Trip To The Country...

Four days in the country on a photo shoot with Rosie was just too much fun to even vaguely be called work. Although we did work like a couple of mad women to bind a quilt to photograph. I would LOVE to show you the quilt (you know how bad I am at keeping secrets!) but I'll just give you a little hint with the binding:

IMG_7319_9748 blog

There was lots of driving through the beautiful Australian landscapes that I love so much:

IMG_7122_9558 blog

We visited some stores that you will get a chance to look at, and read about, in Issue Six of Vignette. This one is traditional and very unique in the amazing quilts, kits, books, and fabrics they stock:

IMG_6973_9431 blog

Then there was the part that I enjoy the most in putting together each issue, the front cover photoshoot!! Just a little, tiny, small, hint for you:

IMG_7189_9608 blog

Well, back to it all now, lots and lots of fun left for me in pulling all the articles together. I hope that you will also enjoy a few projects in Issue Six by Rosalie Quinlan. Don't want to give it all away but the projects do go with her latest fabric range:

 IMG_7244_9652 real blog

Until next time,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Just incase you didn't already know, you can catch up with me even more regularly, on face book :!/profile.php?id=100001613592824. Look me up under Leanne Beasley and also Leanne's House.

Vignette Issue Five...

First, let me say a HUGE 'thank you' to all of you who have let me know how much you are enjoying Vignette, and especially Issue Five. As lots of you know, I love what I get to do, and it is just great to have you all out there along for the journey:

IMG_4228_7109 blog
Like many of you who have undertaken the 'Vignette In Stitches' quilt, I am enjoying hours of stitching and applique! While you are working on earlier blocks I am stitching Blocks ten and eleven for Issue Six!

IMG_4632_7670 blog

There's lots of cutting out in Issue Five, but I promise you that when you get to Issue Six you will be happy - there will not be a thing to cut out!!! If you are cutting out your applique leaves, remember to mark on them if they are 'leaf one' or 'leaf two' shape. One is a little bigger than the other, but this will help you when you get back to it all later.

IMG_4636_7674 blog

I will share lots more of Vignette Issue Five with you over the next few blog posts as I slowly catch up to myself after planning out next year!

Many of you are urgently awaiting information on Imagine...2012! Annette, Rosie, Melly and I are busily putting together a fantastic trip for those of you wishing to join us. There are still fine details to be arranged and as you know - we want it to be perfect!!! So, please bear with us for a few more days! We will let you know asap!

Leanne Beasley xxx