Off to Vietnam...
Set Up Day At Australian Quilt Market...

Vignette Issue Five Is Out!

It's out and on it's way to your local patchwork store:


I will be back to tell you more, and with lots more photos, but I am currently having problems with Internet Explorer that I need to explore!

Here's hoping that you will enjoy Issue 5 and add it to your Vignette collection. I am off now to continue organising myself for Australian Quilt Market this weekend which is very exciting!

Have been a little absent from my blog of late but I hope you will forgive me. I had a wonderful time on our stitching retreat in Vietnam, and then came back to finish Vignette for you, then took a week off to spend some time with my hubby and kids (think they deserved it!). It was a computer free/studio free week at their request and we all know a rest is good for the soul.

So I'm back now and all yours once again!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Before you ask, Vignette is available from all good patchwork stores and online stores as well, worldwide. Check my lefthand sidebar for stores that stock or head to for online orders, or drop in for a visit there at Unit 3/91 Dorset Road Ferntree Gully, Victoria - the store is downstairs and all new any shiny and stocks all the products that myself, Melly and Rosalie love to use. (I'm sure you will need Natalie's latest range of fabric featured on the cover of this issue too!)



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Meg howie

It's still not here ergh I've been waiting and harassing the poor postie.

Alice W.

Vignette is an exquisitely organised publication, I love the diversity of articles and how this really is a personal glimpse into leanne's world. Its always an interesting read and a sumptuous visual feast! I like its concise length and that I don't have to be bombarded with the same type of article on every page (yawn!).

I will be following you on your journey through these publications Leanne!

Leanne Beasley

Hi Lynne. I hope you have enjoyed the pages of Vignette that appealed to you. Thanks giving Vignette a go anyway.

Leanne Beasley

Hi Jo-Anne!!! Nice to hear from you. It was the River Cai.

Debbie Lever (previously Bowman)

I've been missing your blogs, but very pleased to read you had a chance for some 'time-out' with your family!
I'm anxiously checking my mailbox daily for my copy of Vignette 5 - can't wait!!
Have fun at the AQM!

Lynne G.

I have to say I won't be signing up to next years Vignette - it is very expensive here in the UK and for 33 pages 8 of them were not quilt related - in a small magazine like this I'd prefer to just have textile content; if I want recipes I'll buy a cook book or a foodie magazine, and I don't find nature articles fit into a quilting /stitchery magazine. I understand what you are trying to do but I don't think it works. Having said that I do love your patterns and fabrics, and the photography is great. Just find the content a bit jumbled, and as I say, in a small publication I'd like every page to count.

Bronwyn Kenney

What are the hours of the unit in FTG?


pleased to see that you have been hard at work. Hope that you have recovered from Vietnam as it was a most amazing adventure just wish it had have been longer so next time it most certainly will be. Just wondering if you know the name of river we had a cruise on. hope to see you soon JoAnne

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