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Set Up Day At Australian Quilt Market...

Australian Quilt Market is our biggest trade fair here in Australia, and it is our opportunity to showcase our work over the last year, as well as all our new releases, to the stores across Australia, and those that visit from overseas. It's a great feeling when the stand is finally ready at the end of Set Up Day:

IMG_6700_9174 blog

When you first arrive and it begins like this, it all feels very overwhelming:

IMG_6692_9167 blog

Then after lots of hours of teamwork it ends up like this!!!:

IMG_6754_9228 blog

And this:

IMG_6710_9184 blog

And This:

 IMG_6722_9196 blog

Now I have made my chicken sandwiches for lunch tomorrow (from the recipe in Vignette) and am ready to head off for a good nights sleep, and then up early, and back into the city of Melbourne for a great weekend!

Leanne Beasley xxx


Vignette Issue Five Is Out!

It's out and on it's way to your local patchwork store:


I will be back to tell you more, and with lots more photos, but I am currently having problems with Internet Explorer that I need to explore!

Here's hoping that you will enjoy Issue 5 and add it to your Vignette collection. I am off now to continue organising myself for Australian Quilt Market this weekend which is very exciting!

Have been a little absent from my blog of late but I hope you will forgive me. I had a wonderful time on our stitching retreat in Vietnam, and then came back to finish Vignette for you, then took a week off to spend some time with my hubby and kids (think they deserved it!). It was a computer free/studio free week at their request and we all know a rest is good for the soul.

So I'm back now and all yours once again!

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. Before you ask, Vignette is available from all good patchwork stores and online stores as well, worldwide. Check my lefthand sidebar for stores that stock or head to for online orders, or drop in for a visit there at Unit 3/91 Dorset Road Ferntree Gully, Victoria - the store is downstairs and all new any shiny and stocks all the products that myself, Melly and Rosalie love to use. (I'm sure you will need Natalie's latest range of fabric featured on the cover of this issue too!)