Only Ten More Sleeps...
Off to Vietnam...

Photos and Fun...

Today has been all about photos (a.k.a. fun!). There's deciding on final photos for Vignette Issue 5 (yes, due out December 1 but lots of work to do before it heads to the printer!):

IMG_4218_7244 blog

(Don't you love 'Woodland' - the first range of fabric from Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches - printed by Lecien of Japan).
Trying to pick photos that I love, from an interview for Issue 5 of Vignette:

IMG_4000_7280 blog
(Holly Wolfe Designs - pictured - latest stitchery 'Boy and Bird)

The odd nature shot for good measure on a great weather day:

IMG_3826_6559 blog

And a photo shoot for Rosalie's new pattern (which I know you will love!):

IMG_4395_7480 blog

(The kit pictured is on pale pink hanky linen stitched with a divine Cosmo varigated thread and is to help raise funds for breast cancer).

Lots of 'photo picking' left to do tonight - one of my favourite things!!

Leanne Beasley

P.S. This time next week I will be in Vietnam!!!





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Colour greatly influences our mood. It must be hard trying to edit your mag. Looking forward to the next issue. Thanks for all your hard work putting it together.

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Love your blog too Leanne! I love to sew specially embroidery. I make for my pillowcase on my condo every time I have no work. :)

arrielle p

Carrie P.

Hi Leanne,
I just ordered the first 4 issues of Vignette. Oh, I just love looking through the pages. Lots of great photos and inspiration.
I was wondering if you could add a "follow by email" button to your blog.
I am new to your blog and don't want to miss a thing. thanks.

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I always love to check in on your blog posts! I love anything pink! Just wish I could get my hands on a Vignette magazine.

auntie pami

I love anything pink! I will be needing a bolt of this...

Wendy S

love your blog Leanne - can't wait to hear all about Vietnam. Have a great time away. Also looking forward to the release of Rosalie's new pattern


I am still enjoying the first 4 Vignette mags Leanne. Thanks for the preview pics of No.5. Have an absolute ball in Vietnam.


Heavenly photo's, you did a fabulous job!


Looking good - just wish I could get my hands on a Vignette magazine - I love stitchery with variegated thread, it takes it to a new level completely


I always love to check in on your blog posts (never miss any!) and see your beautiful photos of the beautiful projects.
Have a wonderful time in Vietnam.

Laila Skauge

Yummy photos!
I hope you and the other girls will have a great trip to Vietnam.
Happy sewing,


I hope you have an absolute blast in Vietnam.



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