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Until Vietnam girls! To those of you ladies joining us on our trip to Vietnam we officially have 10 sleeps left! If you are one of the ladies starting your journey from an airport other than Melbourne you have a 'Plane Pack' on its way to you (registered mail):

IMG_4354_6681 blog

You can either have a sneek peek before the airport (please don't give away the surprise though!) or keep your parcel until you get to the airport!

Woo Hoo!

Leanne Beasley



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Oh you lucky lucky gals! I'm so jealous I could faint LOL.
Have an amazingly wonderful trip, ack I know you will cause Vietnam is simply marvelous. Hugs from Sweden,
where fall has fallen.

Heather Brown

Have a wonderful trip..... I'm so jealous while at the same time so excited for you all. Have heaps of fun and looking forward to seeing all the fun things that you do.




I am sooo excited! It's come around so quick, I can't believe it's only 10 more sleeps! Packing will have to be started over the weekend! Woo hoo lucky us!


Wow Leanne.. what a great idea.

I hope you all have heaps of fun.


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