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Off to Vietnam...

I am so excited to be heading off to Vietnam in the morning!! Of course, there are 30 other sewing women coming along for the trip of a lifetime with Melly, and me, and Annette from Port Travel. For those of you joining us, you are going to experience a true delight of the senses. Amazing colours that are so stunning your eyes will hardly believe it:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2006 blog
Foods you won't even recognise, but will delight your taste buds when you try them:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2282 blog
Fragrance everywhere, especially the scent of incense; from the temples to the gardens in our resort:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P1091 blog

And, not only will you see foods that you have never seen before, and maybe have a go at trying them; you will also have the opportunity to cook them on the morning we get up (very) early and head to the market, buy our ingredients, and take them 'home' to the resort and have a cooking lesson with the chef:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2042 blog
Then, after you have let your inner 'Masterchef' out, you can simply head to the beach, right about here:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2056 blog

We have lots of things planned where we can meet the locals and delight in their way of life. On one of the days we will be joined by two ladies who work at the Embroidery House in Nha Trang, a very respected tradition. We will get to talk to them and casually find out about why sewing is such an important part of their lives. The next day we will go and visit them at the Embroidery House and enjoy some memorable times there:

 April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2195 blog

Last time I was in Nha Trang I met one of my mentors, Long Than, an amazing photographer who works only in black and white, and has photos in galleries all around the world. Think I might sneak off for a visit back to his studio:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2191 blog

Vietnam will change you. You will never see the world in quite the same way again. Maybe it's the people, the food, the lifestyle, the colours, the fragrances, the mix of intriguing religions, the all consuming heat; maybe it's just a combination of all those things. You are really and truly in for the adventure of a lifetime...

Until the morning,

Leanne Beasley xxx



Photos and Fun...

Today has been all about photos (a.k.a. fun!). There's deciding on final photos for Vignette Issue 5 (yes, due out December 1 but lots of work to do before it heads to the printer!):

IMG_4218_7244 blog

(Don't you love 'Woodland' - the first range of fabric from Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches - printed by Lecien of Japan).
Trying to pick photos that I love, from an interview for Issue 5 of Vignette:

IMG_4000_7280 blog
(Holly Wolfe Designs - pictured - latest stitchery 'Boy and Bird)

The odd nature shot for good measure on a great weather day:

IMG_3826_6559 blog

And a photo shoot for Rosalie's new pattern (which I know you will love!):

IMG_4395_7480 blog

(The kit pictured is on pale pink hanky linen stitched with a divine Cosmo varigated thread and is to help raise funds for breast cancer).

Lots of 'photo picking' left to do tonight - one of my favourite things!!

Leanne Beasley

P.S. This time next week I will be in Vietnam!!!




Only Ten More Sleeps...

Until Vietnam girls! To those of you ladies joining us on our trip to Vietnam we officially have 10 sleeps left! If you are one of the ladies starting your journey from an airport other than Melbourne you have a 'Plane Pack' on its way to you (registered mail):

IMG_4354_6681 blog

You can either have a sneek peek before the airport (please don't give away the surprise though!) or keep your parcel until you get to the airport!

Woo Hoo!

Leanne Beasley