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Sew Laugh Love...

Is almost ready to hit the stores:

IMG_3888_6577 blog

'Sew Laugh Love' will be sold as a kit. The kit will include the pattern (just like you're used to from me), screen printed stitchery hanky linen panel, and a divine bundle of Cosmo threads - exactly as you see here:

 IMG_3900_6589 blog

So when you order the kit you can then choose your own buttons and your own border/applique fabric to suit you (or the store you purchase it from may include these items). You could make it look like my fun original one (I used 'Sugar Collection' by 'Art Gallery Fabrics'):

IMG_3385_6002 blog 

Or like my delicious version that I finished today using the new 'Rosalie Quinlan Designs' 'Folk Heart' range by Lecien (fabrics in store in Australia in the next few weeks!!):

IMG_3887_6576 blog 

I will keep you updated and let you know exactly when the kits are available, and ask my retailers to add a comment to the blog, so that you will know where you can purchase it, and who will be doing what with the kits! As you can see the fabric you choose will make your version very individual. Stay tuned!

IMG_3889_6578 blog 

Chat soon,

Leanne Beasley xxx

P.S. If you'd like to enjoy some really delicious photos of the new 'Folk Heart' range by Rosalie, and also 'Woodland' by Natalie Lymer, head over to one of my favourite blogs here!





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Durocher Olmstead

I remember when I was young it was my mother who would always buy this kind of pastime. She loves this thing and yet I did not ever love this activity.

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Rocky Delafontaine

They are all beautiful, but among them, what I like the most is the 'Rosalie Quinlan Designs'. Is it in stores now? I would like to give it as a present to my niece on his birthday on the 21st of January. She'll be turning 19, and she's fond of sewing too.

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I love this much. so cute.



Wow...its lovely. Both versions are so pretty it would be impossible to choose. Have fun on your trip - it sounds amazing.


Hallo, can you tell me in Germain-Shops gives the pattern from Sew Laugh Love... ?
Thanks and sorry from ,y english.;;))))))


Another wistful plea from the UK. I would love to buy this kit, preferably from somewhere in Europe...

Lisa Townsend

Hey Leanne - I was one of the many fortunate women to attend Urban Stitches and receive this lovely kit in my goody bag. I started stitching it on the day at the retreat and every spare moment I have (which are very few and far between at the moment - we are moving house this week) I sit down and stitch a little more. This is the first kinda big project like this I've attempted and I AM LOVING IT. When I'm finished it I intend putting it on the wall in my new sewing area in my new house. :-)) xx

Ullan tilkut

Hi! Greetings from Finland! I love that quilt! It's stunning!!! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)

Jodi E

This kit is just grand.
I have found a store not far from me in Minnesota that carries COSMO threads and I love them! I have received your magazines now from Happiness is Quilting, here is the US, and plan to start the mystery
quilt soon. This project will jump into first place as soon as I can get it!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent!

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This is fabulous Leanne and so pretty. Ooooh I can´t wait :) Decisions, decisions on the fabric to use. I love it!


I've ordered my patterns and will be kitting it as well Leanne. I'm in the US.

Vicki ♥

This is fabulous Leanne and so pretty. I am carrying the kit and pattern in my store at http://www.thepickledishpatch.com/store/ and these can be ordered now. It is really lovely :) Hugs Vicki x


Forgot to say ...... if any quilt shops in the UK are planning on getting this kit in, then please, please, please post here so I can order one!!!!!


I adore this, I am so hoping that I will be able to buy it as I live in England. I shall be devastated if I cant start stitching it soon as I love it sooooooooo much x

Jill Laycock

Looks just gorgeous. Wondering what size the quilt is, Jill

Marie B

This is gorgeous! Can you tell us the yardage for the inner and outer border/applique fabrics so we can get a head start on our personal versions of this wonderful wallhanging? Thanks!

Ruth S

I'm *so* in love with this design! I've recently discovered your blog and it's a joy to find your updates popping into my RSS ;)
I'm in the UK - can you tell me where I can buy your kits/ patterns please?
Thanks! Ruth x


YUmmy yummy yummy.

Debbie Lever (previously Bowman)

A big 'thank you' Leanne, I just love "Sew, Laugh, Love"!!
I'm really excited about the gorgeous Cosmo threads too, I haven't had the pleasure of using them yet!!
Mmm, what colours to use???

auntie pami

Me too! I'm in the USA.
www.auntiepami.com (currently being remodeled) LOVE THIS!!!


Can't wait to get this!!! It's so gorgeous.

Laurie B

Just beautiful!!


This pattern is brilliant. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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