More Excitement and Counting Down...
Urban Stitches Melbourne 2011...


Creative Abundance (my Distributor) has been doing screen printing for a little while now; but today my first screen got printed (small squeal of excitement in background):

IMG_3484_6094 blog 
Those of you coming to Urban Stitches this weekend will get these in your kits (with all the threads, Parlan, buttons, border and applique fabrics, and pattern; and just wait to see what Rosie and Melly have planned for you!

So, it was actually fun watching paint dry today:

IMG_3485_6095 blog 

Thankyou Rosie and Jacques for all your hard work:

IMG_3490_6100 blog 

It's a very interesting and exciting process and great fun to watch!!!

Leanne Beasley xxx





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Great post...thanks for the reminder to blog about the everyday things that people want to read. As a real estate agent, I too struggle with what to blog about. Thanks!


ciao Leanne,
will you sell this wonderful pattern on line?
i would love sewing it!


Oh that panel looks too cute. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and pleeease host another Urban Stitches next year - I would love to be able to look forward to a trip to Melbourne next year.


Hope you are releasing this as a pattern kit and also the project you did in Townsville.


This is sooo cool - can't wait until it is in the shops! Keep that screen printing going ready for the demand. Love it, love it, love it!!


I blame my new love of screenprinting with a distinct lack of sleep in these parts...

Di Shuker

Hi I just love it I hope it will be available to buy.....Those lucky ladies....DI from NZ


Getting sooo excited! Can't wait for Sunday! Then Vietnam!! Woo hoo!


I've got one of Natalie's patterns - preprinted - and it's great!! LOVE IT! Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend. Don't work too hard... make sure your workmates chill out and have some wines too!

Pat S

I'd love to purchase this panel - how lovely! Will it be available soon?

auntie pami

Me too!


Oh Leanne, stop doing this to us .I need a TARDIS.
Have oodles of fun.


Can Friday be cackled and we go straight to Saturday. I don't want to wait any longer


How can I buy one of these lovely pannels? I am relly interested on buying one
Many thanks

Helen Yann

I love screenprinting, it's one of my favourite techniques! Can't wait for Sunday!


Oh these look wonderful - I wish I could play but being 1000's of miles away makes it impossible - this looks like a great on the go project - any chance the panels would be available soon?


Exciting Leanne, and to everyone attending Urban Stitches this weekend ... have a wonderful time ...
Happy stithcing, P

May Britt

This looks great Will the pattern be available in the shops?? I am so interested in sewing this :)

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