Urban Stitches...
More Excitement and Counting Down...


As usual there are lots and lots of things still left to do for Urban Stitches. We are all frantically working making everythings from divine kits:

IMG_3393_6010 blog 

To nametags:

IMG_3398_6015 blog 

Rosie, Melly, and I are so looking forward to seeing all of you on the weekend!!!

Leanne Beasley xxx


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Colour greatly influences our mood. It must be hard trying to edit your mag. Looking forward to the next issue. Thanks for all your hard work putting it together.

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I made this tonight. It was so delish and so easy. Thanks for sharing!! I also used half whole wheat pastry flour, just FYI. Thanks again!!

Coach Canada

Tassels, design in pelle goffrata del gradiente, e una varietà di forme e dimensioni per soddisfare ogni giorno con la richiesta di tutte le donne. E qualche dolce colore rosa, dal viola borsa D'altra parte, le donne mostrano fresco e morbido.


Oh how I wish I could be there!! But as Margareta said- Sweden is a whee bit to far away. But I admit - I'm so jealous it hurts ;-)


Awesome peeks !!!
I 'm desperate Melbourne is so far away from where I live !!!!

Sue Smith

Leanne, that stitchery for the weekend is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to purchase once you bring it out in a pattern :-) Have a great weekend! I finished your Flowers and Flutterbys a few weeks ago to give to a happy 2 year old. Gorgeous.


Love those little embroidered hearts! I pinned you in my board!!!

Debbie Lever (previously Bowman)

I so wish I could join you, as I did at Glenharrow 3 times,but circumstances don't permit :(( I know you will all have a fabulous time!!
Leanne, I love, love, LOVE the sneak-peak of your GORGEOUS colourful stitchery!! Please, please make it avaliable for us to purchase one day!!

Margareta Helmersson

I wish I had the possibility to come but I live in the other side of the world......in the north, Sweden. I wish you and Melly sometimes could come to us : )) What fun it would be for us quilters in Scandinavia


I so wish I could be there...but I'd have to travel around the world. I sure hope I will be able to make that someday as it is amazing! Enjoy your weekend!

Debbie P

Gosh Leanne when do you ever get time for all that stitching. Looks great!


Looking forward to Sunday!
It's getting exciting!


You make the most yummiest stuff.I hope you have a fabulous time.


so excited!!!


I wish I was going!! I'd love one of those gorgeous looking kits!! I hope that you all have a really wonderful weekend!

Shirley Rolfe

The more peeks you show the more envious I get. Have a wonderful time everyone.

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