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25 Sleeps to Go!

Can you hear me woo hooing in the background? For those of us girls headed to Vietnam there are only 25 sleeps until we leave so it's time to get really excited!!

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P1525 blog 
The Plane Packs are kitted up and ready:

IMG_3794_6531 blog size 

For those of you beginning your journey from an airport other than Melbourne, your Plane Pack will arrive in the mail a week or so before you leave, as we want each of you to feel special, and enjoy every part of your trip, until we meet each other as a group at Ho Chi Minh airport:

April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2328 blog 

All of us will also be receiving a Documents Pack in the next week from Annette at Port Travel; this will arrive registered mail. This has all our final travel documents and our day by day itinerary for our adventure!

 April 2008 Vietnam C1 P2267 blog

I know many of you out there have also been asking if there will be a trip for 2012 and yes there will! We are putting together a package at the moment and will have more details for you on our return from Vietnam ( hint: I hear the ukulele playing and I see girls doing the hula and some unique and traditional applique!).

I really cannot keep a secret!

Leanne Beasley xxx

Above photos:

1. One of the ladies from the Embroidery house we will be visiting (at least once, it's in walking distance from the resort!).

2. Sneek peek of your Plane Pack kit.

3. The famous blue fishing boats of Nha Trang.

4. Hats in one of the markets at Nha Trang (I can't remember which market I took this photo in!!).


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Memphis Workout

I am really pleased to say that Only 25 sleeps . we are going to have a great time sewing and making new friends and experiencing all thats in wait for us 25 days and I am most looking forward to meeting some new ladies .

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Trudy McLauchlan

Thanks for the tips Leanne! I'll try my luck and see how I get on :)

Leanne Beasley

Trudy, I would have to say, it depends who you talk to. Airlines will usually always say no upfront I have discovered, but if you simply have one needle (in your sewing) and the tiny travel scissors you should be okay. Always have Plan B. Worst case scenario is they will take your single needle and travel scissors, they won't take the rest of your project. Plan B for us to Vietnam is a packet of sewing needles and larger sized scissors in 'normal' luggage ie: not on board luggage. I have travelled all over the world and never been stopped with this. What I would say is don't point it out in security or you force them to make a decision. You're not doing anything wrong as they see the scissors and needle on the xray anyway. Safe travelling.

Trudy McLauchlan

Hi Leanne
I'm intrigued to know if you stitch "in-flight"; I've contacted Qantas (for our trip to the States) and they don't allow needles, plastic scissors, crochet hooks - zero ... what am I going to do for 16 hours?!!
Have a ball. Will await the stories and photos on your return!
Love, Trudy

Leanne Beasley

Auntie Pami - I think you could be right!


So excited, I have only 2 sleeps to go. HongKong weather doesnt look good, Beijing is amasing weather (lets hope the weather man is right) then home to repack and onto Vietnam - yippee. I cannot wait to try the cocktails, stitch, meet new friends, TALK, laugh and giggle and definetely NO time for sleeping. Megs xx

Fiona Sgarbossa

Ohhhh hours to go thats exciting...I am most looking forward to meeting some new ladies and making new friendships. xx


hope everyone has a wonderful trip....what an experience!!!! "plane packs"??? are you allowed to stitch on planes???

auntie pami

Hawaii? PLEASE!


hooray not long to go now! we are going to have a great time sewing and making new friends and experiencing all thats in wait for us 25 days thats about 590 hours to go. bye for now Jo-Anne


I am soooo excited!!! Only 25 more sleeps to go,
woo hoo!!!! I can't wait till we get the itinerary so we know whats install for us!!! Yippee!!!!!

Leanne Beasley

Shelley, Glad you are excited! We have so much in store Melly just asked me when we'll get a chance to sleep!! Maybe on the plane on the way home I think...

Shelley Hamel

I too am very excited!! Only 25 sleeps?? Gosh that's not very far away now. I can't wait to find out what you have in store for us.
Cheers Shelley.

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