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I'm Back!!!

Kind of Distracted....

I have a big notice board in my studio divided into days of the week. Sunday night I plan my week ahead and then attempt to stick to each day's plan. Today I got distracted. Good distracted. Playing with designs for our Vietnam trip! I find with design you just have to put everything else aside when the inspiration hits!

IMG_2362_5156 blog 
And for those of you who asked if I could do a travel journal with you, let me just say, "Look what arrived."

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I hope those of you booked in are just as excited as I am about our upcoming trip. It's going to be great to have so much time to work on our projects and have lots of time together to stitch and cut and paste and do whichever projects you select to do. We will be working at whatever pace you like, so if you want to achieve lots of projects you can , or if you simply want to sit by the pool and do a few stitches you can.

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So get your passports ready as we have been very busy inventing those cocktails and mockatils for you! There's been things flying around our kitchens like vodka, ginger, fresh lemongrass, lime juice, mint, etc.... We have some great combinations so if any of you have ideas for names for our inventions that would be appreciated!

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We still have a couple of twin share and single rooms left so if you would like to join us in October, or for further details, simply click on the button on the right hand column for all the information. You will find pricing and all other booking details on the last few pages of the itinerary. There is still time to do the payment plan if you like.

Leanne Beasley xxx



Heather Brown

I wish I had one of those time turner gadgets that Herminie had in Harry Potter. There is just not enough time to be able to do everything that one would love to do.... the trip to Vietnam with you ladies just doesn't fit into the time budget at present.

Deb McKellar

I am sooo looking forward to the trip, and these teasing moments you offer just make it more exciting!!! So how many sleeps to go??

Fiona Sgarbossa

OMG....I am sooo excited already and then you go and tempt me some more. I can not wait to be immersed in stitching and relaxing with such beautiful people.


Wow! It sounds like it will be such a fun time. Wish I could go but its really far away from here.


I am sure you will make some wonderful designs for Vietnam......would love to go but just not possible.........

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